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September 18, 2010


Sara Rossi

Love that you're posting (saving) your FB posts! Great action pics of the girls!


Love these random facebook tidbits! And the pics of the girls playing soccer came out so nice.Those digital frames are amazing...love them!


I'm so with you on the post about missing adult conversation ... well any conversation for me really! I do contract accounts work from home ... so there is just me here ... when hubby rings to ask how my day is I just want to keep talking to him! LOL!


I love it when you do these fun posts. It sounds like fun going to open house and going thru her schedule. We don't have that but I've always wished we could go to school with our kids once a year just to see what they go thru. I know what you mean about adult conversations sometimes I get bored too. So sorry about the fedex guy but if you go to Becky higgins blog she has a free downlaod baby napping sign to make, maybe give that a try. I love the pictures you included how did you get that kinda frame around them??? Great action Soccer photos, we are all about soccer now too.


SO fun! loving the soccer pictures--games start up here on Friday! SO glad we have night games had record breaking heat here--109 yesterday! WHAT?!


You have been busy! I loved seeing the Doodlebug on your cute layout in Oct. CK! That magazine is getting better and better each month! The design team is really awesome!


Love it all .. <3

Laura T.

Great post! How did you get those cute frames around the pictures?

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