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September 15, 2010



I wish you'd teach a local class on how to capture our kids' school memories! You seem to have such a good grasp. Penny


I'm really impressed with this album too. It's a lot of work for you but it looks great. how nice for the girls to have all their school memories in one easy to find album. Those 6x12 page protectors are a great idea and thank you for letting us know about the one for a CD both my kids have some of those and know I know how to save them safely. I will watch the video later but know it will be good. I agree with penny above and wish you could come here and teach us a class or come to my house and get me started on some of your ideas and tips. I can't wait for Becky's new school kit since I missed it the first time.


I forgot to mention how great it is your daughters had perfect attendence. They should always get an award for that. My girls did it one year and their were only 5 kids that came up for the award and 2 of them were my girls. Sam almost got it that year too except he missed a month of school because of back to back illness, strep throat infection,2 ear infections, cought that lasted 10 days, he lost 10 pounds on his already scrawny body. It was a sad month for him. So congrats to your girls.


Very cool - thanks for sharing! Do you find you have enough room in the AC albums for the other years that are complete? What kinds of things did the teacher have the kids write in that letter she sent them when they were in eighth? Did she send them at the end of the year? That gave me some ideas for my third graders!


Glad you showed this again. I get a lot of questions about mine too. I always refer them back to your blog. LOL. I will have to make a note on my post to go to your new post now. Love this idea !!!!


Hi again Laura,

I just watched the video and of course it's amazing. You must have saved everything they did all these years before you made these albums. Where did you keep it all? I would love to do something like this for my kids or even just get some albums ready and do their high school years. I also keep the girls journals from school and home because they are big writers and will be cool to see their stories when their adults. Your school does so many projects/reports we seriously never have any. I also like the letter in 3rd grade to save till 8th greade we do that too I think they get them in 8th or at 12th grade graduation. I can't imagine your album not being good enough after Becky's new one comes out, yours is pretty awesome!!

How did you manage to hold the videocamera that long with only one hand, it was a little shaky but still good. Thanks for sharing...

Sara Rossi

LOVE the video showing the album!! You motivated(guilted)me into working on mine! ;) I love how you added the assort. page protectors into them. And I have to confess this is perfect timing since I never went through the big pile of papers from LAST school year! Now I can knock 2 things off my to do list!! LOL!!


Great video, Laura! It is a bit overwhelming, though, as I don't have children yet. It looks like I will need a few extra rooms to store all of their stuff before they come along! P.S. I didn't expect your voice to sound like that. I think I expected a deeper voice. I'm not sure why. Hehe.


GIRL, this is SO awesome!!! I loved the video, it really did help give us the whole idea of the binder.
I really like the different size page protectors! I would definately like to do this with my kids. I have those pockets but wondering if I should wait until Becky's comes out.


Wowzers, girlie! Thanks for sharing with a video. way easier to see what you have been doing with it.... and so cool to hear your voice :)

Wendy Sue

Wow, wow, wow! One more reason to idolize you - not only are you so dang talented...you're organized too! LOVE the video of the album. I need to get mine out of the boxes and get my kid's stuff organized. Thanks for inspiring me to get it done! :o)


Fantastic, Laura! I loved the video, so helpful and inspiring! You have a couple of great kids there, how proud you must be! Love the whole format including the 6x12's. You have really used the kit so effectively, I am going to follow your example with mine.

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