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October 05, 2010


wendy myers

We call that power scrapping and it is an awesome way to get caught up FAST!!! Thanks for the tips, love the Free Spirit Line that you used.

Helen Tilbury

Problem is I always like the most complicated one LOL. I just can't seem to do quick & simple. My best ever is 45 minutes & I was super-pleased with that ;-D


Great layouts Laura love the free spirit line also. I will try this challenge today and let you know how I do. My promblem is being indecisive about everything so my pages sometimes take an hour or more. Thanks for the challenge and for the directions.

I noticed your add on the below post, pattern paper is very popular and would love to hear your fave products.


you are right. layouts can be done in a 'fast' manner, if need be-but who wants to rush? ha! I can be a suer scrapper if need be, and that usually means a 2page layout per day. That is about my speed.
It is the process before the scrapping takes places is my time killer. Picking the pictures, printing the pictures, finding a sketch or inspiration...see what I mean. But over the years, I have came up with a system and it truy helps when you wanna it that speed scrapping stride..Thanks for sharing Laura, and I am really enjoying your layouts in CK the past few months!


Hi Laura,

I just finished a layout using your layout today. It was tough to find the right supplies ( I really don't have much) and the colors I wanted and it's done. You can take a look at it at http://everydaymemorieswithprojectlife.blogspot.com

Thank you for the challenge and I will try again and hope to get it done in 10mts.

To your commenter above Janet I can so so relate to you. My promblem is all the choices before I even sit down to scrap then I'm too tired or frustrated to start. I've been known to take a couple days on a layout. That's why I like it when laura gives us this challenges to make me think outside the box and get me started on a idea. Check out my layout too if you want.

Brenda H

great layouts Laura - i wish i could do a layout in 20 or less - but it takes me that long just to figure out what pictures to use!! Hope all is well!!

Kathy (krolski)

Super cute! 10 mins would be pushing it for me. I usually take a day for one page. LOL!


I love this LO!!! And I love the easy-ness of it. I agree that your LOs are "do-able" but you still come up with the most creative projects and most of us couldn't do :)
I may have to do this challenge. I have a few unfinished projects from my trip.

Sara Rossi

This post cracked me up!! "Instructions? right here!" ;) I completely agree your LO's are very "do-able". Cute LO...and I see you scrapped with PURPLE!! ;) YAY!!

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