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October 27, 2010


Lynn Ghahary

love this tip laura! :)


Hi Laura, I just checked out LLS and love the tips. Thankfully 3 blogs and yours have lately said how they take theirs before Halloween, that is the best idea every. Thanks for sharing with us.

I love this photo and the girls costumes, is this for this Halloween. Where did you get your girls costumes, the are pretty.

Wendy Sue

Great tip, Laura! Now...do you have any tips for taking Halloween photos when there are 3 inches of snow on the ground?!? ;)


those are great tips and cracking up at Wendy's response!


This is a great tip, Laura! I'll admit that I studied your pictures, trying to figure out what your tip was going to be before clicking over. :) I couldn't figure it out, but it's so obvious now! Thanks!

Sara Rossi

Great tips! I wonder if 10am is too early to start taking pics???

Tammy Morales


Thanks for the tips!

I took these at about 4p.m. before they all headed out.


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