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October 30, 2010



laura these are so pretty and colorful. I love them all. This is such a cool tool to have around for everything crafty. I don't sew either but my mom is a seamstress and she would love this. Thanks for sharing all your thoughts along the way, they are all so cool I can't even pick a favorite. Can't wait to see tomorrows projects.


laura, I'm leaving a comment on your blog hoping Wendy sees it. When I got my computer back fixed over the summer it won't let me leave comments on all blogs now, do not know why??? Anyhow please let Wendy know I have a message for her.

Hello Wendy,
Your baby items are so so adorable. This looks like so much fun, I love baby stuff. Would love to make these for the babies in my family. I think the anmials are my favorite especially the turtle. Great job on all of it, can't wait to see the rest.


I love the frame all your creations I love soooo much of the bag!!!


The tote bag rocks! I can't ever resist a cute tote bag!! I can totally imagine these projects overtook you for 4 days. Very cute!! One ? Does the fabrique machine also work with all of the regular design cards?


Those creations are gorgeous!!!! I'm not a sewer but I have a sewing machine and everytime I see cute-as fabric I wonder what I could make with it!!


Wow, you did a fantastic job-- especially for someone who hadn't sewn much before this!! I would never have known if you hadn't said anything. Seriously!
I think it's so great how you just jumped right in and made all of these super-cute things. I wish I could be that brave all the time!!


Oh my goodness girl, these are beautiful!!!! I don't even know where to start! I love the colors and the mix of the hand and machine stiching! I'm totally in love with the pinwheel and the kite! I'm dying to know if we could use that card in our slice cause I'll get one! Lovin all the fun shapes.
And props to you, I think you did an amazing job with this fabric and these projects :)


These projects are awesome, Laura! The regular slice will do the same cutting, right? I didn't know they were coming out with a whole new tool- wow!


Ok, I want that.


Wow Laura! Your projects are awesome! You should try a sewing class. My friend Wendy is taking one & she's learned a lot and loves it!

Mary Lynn

Great ideas. I like all of the projects. I will check out Wendy's blog.
Great job


These projects are great! Thank you for sharing. Question--the original Slice (which I have), can cut fabric, right?

jen shears

These are AWESOME!! I'm sure they are a huge hit at the show! I made some fun stuff for May Arts' booth this year- I'd never even heard of that show until about 1-2 mos ago!! (I don't quilt either- too much ironing involved!!)

Sara Rossi

W-O-W!! For someone that doesn't work with fabric you truly ROCKED these projects!! I just LOVE the cute pinwheel! I think the result was well worth the effort! And your mom's stitching is perfect!


Great projects! I especially love the the lampshade!

susan weinroth

these are AMAZING laura!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i just may *need* a slice fabrique :)


Laura, I am so impressed with your new creations! These would make such great gifts.


Any idea where I can get one of these?

Renee tan

Hi, is the Slice Machine and the Slice Fabric Machine the same?


Scrapbook making

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