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November 27, 2010



Two questions...where is your computer and printer, and do you remember the name of the desk from Target, I think it would work for me.


hi laura, how nice to sleep in so late. I slept till 7:30 today and that's late for me. I always love hearing and seeing your space, funny that I just finished packing all mine up now though and I have to see your great scraproom and now I really really want my own scrap space. I love your table but love the island more, that's what I hope to have one day. Hope your enjoying your weekend.

Sara Rossi

You know how much I LOVE your room! You've got some beautiful light with that window!


I love your new and your old scrap space. Your old scrap space is how we met ;)

Helen Tilbury

Have another window open on my pc & having a good look at your scraproom. I remember once seeing your huge desk that I think your mum made you, & thinking "Wow - must be great to have such a huge desktop" but obviously you've moved into a smaller room now. Looks lovely though & I prefer to have my stuff all together in a room where I can close the door & keep it all separate from the rest of the house - more importantly lock it so I can find everything when I return - my kids LOVE nicking my stationery & tools!


Now that I look at again I think I almost have the same blue color in my space. LOL. Its an inspiring color I must say, LOL.


I love your space, it seems so organized. I have a question for you. What type of 12x cutter do you use? I can't seem to find one that will cut a straight 12 " line to save my life I have several. The one I use the most is an old Fiskars, but it just won't cut straight. Thanks


ah, i love a clean space :) are those cropper hopper vertical storage you have? how do they manage to fit them in the expedit shelves?

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