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November 03, 2010



Wow this is so cool laura. how fun for kids to get to play together like this. i love that song too and they did a great job playing it. thanks for pointing out where she would be in this big group.


hi again laura just have to tell you that I went to the MM blog site and they have up the fabric projects you and wendy made. they look so cute set up like a real room for a girl and a baby boy. how cool and exciting for you to be a part of that. I really want this and will try for xmas. going to archivers sometime this month if time and will see if they have it there. Congrats again on a great job. Oh yeah, noticed their christmas stuff too now I want it even more.


A lady that I work with kids were there too. (Livingston High) What an amazing experience. She took some video and shared it. All of them sounded fantastic!


What a cool and memorable experience for Alyssa!!!


That is sooo cool! I just love marching bands!!


Amazing experience!!!!


Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!! :-) Congrats to Alyssa.

Brenda H

How fun! Love your project below too!! And yay you on the CK dream team again!! Not surprised!

Sara Rossi

How cool is that?!?!! They sound great! Love that song...reminds me of Dirty Dancing....

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