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November 19, 2010



Oh my gosh you have me cracking up right about now BFF!!!! And you know this stuff happens to me all the time too seriously crazy right? My biggest beef is usually at Wal-Mart where I end up getting store Rage like some people get Road Rage LOL! Love the video call me!


Your story is so true to life and its funny how people at the stores feel like its OK to treat or talk to customers like that...just wrong.
You do crack me up with your stories...probably felt good to get that out :)
And crackin up at the rulers...you weren't kidding!
Thanks for making me smile ;)

Sara Rossi

OMG--Are you sure you're not from Jersey?? You would SO fit in here! LOL!! And not-for-nothing but when I was first watching the video I was thinking "Oh her hair looks really nice" then you comment about it at the end...I was hysterical! But I promise if I ever do meet you IRL I will only look at you from the side. ROTFL!!!


I love that you call her "Dressing Room Lady"
...this was fun to watch you talk about your day...you should do this more often!
....and your hair is lovely Laura!

jen shears

I think it's alltogether possible we'd be VERY good friends in real life! That stuff happens to me all the time too- and then I usually kick myself for not saying what's going through my head!!! SO FUNNY!!! And at least you can buy clothes by yourself. I swear, I was trying stuff on (ok, at costco, so no mirrors) and couldn't decide because I had NO idea how it looked- so I put it all back!!!
Do you think the Michael's lady works at a pharmacy too & thinks there's some sort of need for hippa/privacy at the register? HA!


Im exactly the same when it comes to going out and coming back with a story like that :) Drives my partner a little nutty lol


hi laura for some reason I couldn't get the sound to work for me. not sure what it is tried it a couple times. sounds like a funny day though according to comments. well have my husband look at it and see if he can work volume for me later

Lindsey G

That is so funny. I actually work the fitting room at Target, way far away from you..in Michigan. But that is funny to hear. I think it is a policy to count each item and hold them up, to make sure you don't have anything stuffed in there. I am more like you have 6? ok, go ahead. If it's not busy, I even say, 12? sure, just bring everything out. :) I went to Michaels the other day too, and I honestly don't know if they had a "line" though, looking back, I heard the lady tell this one girl behind me that she was only pulling people from the line over! I just followed the lady in front of me, because the other register looked like it was going to take forever!!


Maybe they are already stressed out over the holiday season..lol

Mary Jo

Loved your video! Made me laugh. I will think of you every time I'm in Target and Michaels from now on! Thanks.


First of all, Thanks for the video !!! Made me laugh because I have that kind of experiences very often too. But don't worry, you look great with that green sweater , even if you didn't count your 6 ITEMS !!! ( just kidding! )
BTW, could you please make a video showing your scrapbooking area? I would LOVE to see that.
Thanks so much and have a wonderful day !!!



You crack me up. LOL. BTW, cute sweater and you dont look bad so relax. LOL.


Sounds like some people need to get a grip! I haven't noticed my Michaels doing that BUT I do know that our Joann's does that and they yell at you. Sometimes I'll send my daughter through with another coupon as a "customer", it's not like it's close at all to where I live, and I try to make it look like something she would buy....ANYWAY, one time my daughter walks to the register and the mean lady (who I try to avoid!) yells, who does this girl belong to?! REALLY? My reaction was to just stare at her, she waits a couple of seconds then I think she realized she was being obnoxious because she just checked her out, but seriously?! okay,the last part about your hair cracked me up the next time I see you I'll look at you from the side! :)


ok. girlie... you crack me up :) love it!

ana roat

I took my mom shopping at a local dept store one christmas and had to blow my top when 5 clerks stood there debating on who would help my mom with her purchase. They kept saying "I'm not helping her, you do it" and they were not quiet about it. I asked for the manager and told her that she needed to quit picking her nose and get on the ball or there would be 6 people without a job by the end of the day because I knew the CEO of the company! Talk about a change in tone...btw...what are you talking about--your hair looks really good!


You are a riot!!I have had the same situation at my M's In Savannah Ga they made a wall and a line and you have to wait until you are called and it is crazy and when there are alot of people in the line it is backed up into the isles so it really isn't a good policy:)BTW,You hair looks fab:)

rachel in Cali.

OMG! You are so frickin' funny!


Okay, you are one funny gal!!! Loved hearing your stories(:


Ok, I love the anybody who'll listen part!
And your hair conversation.... well I'm still laughing! We women truly are all the same aren't we!?!?!?!


I am SO glad that I now know someone who thinks the SAME way I do. I mean, come on, how do some people even function in life. I always wonder about that. If they can't function properly in society, what is it like in their home...ha! Remember the saying..'what is your major malfunction?"..we said that alot in high school.I might need to bring that saying back....hee, hee....thanks for the laugh even though I was shaking my head in agreement with you the WHOLE time..well, til you said about your hair style, I think it looks great on you!

Helen Tilbury

Oh Laura you had me cracking up there - especially the end part about your hair - I had to call my 2 boys in to watch that part & share a giggle. I LOVED your video. I aways find it hard to imagine the accents people have as mine of course is so very different. I have been wanting to make a video for the longest time but just don't know how to go about it on my own. I have a flip I could use & actually think my Nikon D5000 has video capability although I don's use it. Any tips would be MUCH appreciated as it really adds the personal touch & I would love my blog readers to see me as a person & not always a "still" & also to hear me talk to them like what you did. As for the content - I'm shocked - I would definitely have given both those ladies a piece of my mind - I'm just like that! Here we would never be treated like that in a shop. I just say how many I have & off I go! Even in Mr. Price which is probably a Target equivalent. You should go in & complain to a manager! We have a competely separate area for returns here called "Customer Care" & it is a whole other room off the store where you go & stand in a queue (or line as you call it) between those rope things you get at banks (at least here you do anyway) & you are served quickly & efficiently! People are very cheeky in this part of the world so no one in a store would dare try & stick a bit of masking tape on the floor & tell us to get behind it lol! You should have told her she'd be better off joining the army & the Michael's manager that, just perhaps, sales may rise if she just left!!

Brenda H

you are too funny!! Shouldn't have been eating when watching this :)!

danni p

girl, you are too funny.

Laura T.

OMG - You crack me up. I finally had time to watch this. I was holding it in my RSS folder since the day you posted it. Thanks so much for the warning ... I'll probably be stopping in Michael's this weekend, so I'll have to let you know if there is a new "line." Have a great weekend!

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