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November 01, 2010



laura these are great,super,fantastic!! I love that cute monster girl. The flowers are my favorite of all now, I love flowers like this. You did a wonderful job on everything and you worked so hard too. Congrats on winning the approval to show them off!!

I forget where did you say the fabric came from? I really do love those colors.Thanks for sharing and showing us your other talents!!


Ooooh, that is just fantastic!!

Helen Tilbury

Phew - that was a long haul for you & you did a fantastic job of it. The flowers are my favourite out of everything & I can see them as party favours for a little girls' party. A vase full of them & each party girl takes one on their way home. Lovely, well done ;-D


Dude, these are gorgeous!!! I love them, I think the vase of flowers are my favorite!


Of course you can whip out those projects and come up with stuff that is super cute! With the regular slice and fabric, does it sometimes have to be cut out with scissors? Or do the edges fray? Next you will have to do a step by step tutorial for all of use newbies to cutting fabric! (No pressure, I found a few online!)

Linda Barber

These are so fantastic, Laura! Adding fabrique to my must-have list. ;)


You did such a great job with fabric!! I love all the items you made! You really outdid yourself(:
Thanks for the inspiration!


These projects are simply ADORABLE! Love what you did, love the Monster most of all. I'm learning how to make them amigurumi monsters, but I will have to try this. Thanks for the inspiration.

Sara Rossi

I can't decide which I love more--the monster box or the flowers! Serious cuteness going on here!! And I love your stitching (both yours & your moms!)!!


This is just wonderful!!

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