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November 28, 2010



Hi laura, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I don't watch Glee but I hear good things about it. Can't listen to the music because our speakers just broke couple weeks ago, bad timing. Can't wait to see tomorrow's post.


laura just saw your cards on JB blog they are super cool.


I've been really impressed with the guests and the last few episodes too! Last year I didn't get any of the music, but I loved the recent Valentine song and both of Gwenyth's songs enough to download! I DVR'd the Music awards, but haven't watched them yet. Guess I'll have to watch the show and get caught up! I think I saw it say something about her having a country album.


I know...I have never seen this show but I love the music and have DL'd several songs. Crazy. I love the part where the girl says, you're 40 or something, like you forget how to groove after 40, she sure showed them!!! Go Gwyenth!

Sara Rossi

She did great on that song! My favorite is "Marry You" from last weeks show! It's on repeat constantly!! Love it!


I LOVE GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!! And as soon as I heard that song, I downloaded it too. And I was so NOT a fan of Gwyenth before I saw her on Glee. Actually, I couldn't stand her. Even all 3 of my kids know that song word-for-word now! I also DL'd Singing in the Rain, which is another amazing remake :)

Felicia Young

Did you know she sings with Baby Face? She did a duet with him a while ago and she does really good!

Felicia Young

Did you know that Gwyenth also sings with Baby Face? The song is titled "It Was Just My Magination" . Her and Baby Face are singing together to this oldie.

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