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November 05, 2010


cindy tobey

Cute cards! I have pet allergies too. Trying to find a dog breed that I can tolerate so the kiddoes can finally have a doggie.


I love these laura, the dog is so cute. We just got a new puppy a month ago, so these will be perfect for me. I've decided that he needs his own album too.I'm going to the Peebles blog and hope I win. Have a great weekend.


OMG, super cute!!


You need a Bichon Frise puppy ... they don't shed, but they do need to be groomed frequently and they are on the hard side to housebreak. BUT I still love our "new" puppy.

I bought her for my live-in 13 y.o. granddaughter last August (N begged for a dog for 8 years. Zoey's now 5 months old and just adorable. Bichons are great with kids which is important since I have a 5 y.o. in the household too. Most importantly (to me) she doesn't set off my allergies!


We don't really do pets here either. We have been thinking of getting a puppy. We do have some fish that we have not killed off yet. I am in love with these cards! This little line of paper/sticker is just adorable!

Vera Wirianta Yates

OMG, I love that felt dog!! I hope I can win this collection from Pebbles! I am owned by super cute dogs, so this is a must have!


Cute cute cards :-)

Sara Rossi

Those are so stinkin cute!! We don't have any pets either....no matter how hard the girls beg!


VERY cute!! I'm playing catch up with my blogs--THANKS for leaving me some love the other day! I couldn't figure out how to reply... :)

Megan Hoeppner

Super cute puppy projects! Thanks for the inspiration, Laura!


These are adorable! I love them! Perfect for a new owner :D

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