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November 18, 2010



i love these laura, they give me a good laugh in the morning to start my day. you are so funny and i related to some of these in my own life. the layout is adorable and love the lace you tied around it. thanks for the heads up for tomorrow's post i will check it out. have a good friday.


Super Cute Layout girl!!!! I live having you on FB, u are so funny and entertaining;)))


Darn touch!! Lol. Change live to love!!


These are so funny! You always have something witty to write(;

Have a great weekend!

Sara Rossi

LOVE the LO! Good to catch up on the few posts I missed on FB....I think I did a little "un-friending" the other day but I might have been a little early celebrating it! ;)

Helen Tilbury

i so enjoyed those! I missed most of them on Facebook - I just don't log in there enough! I need to rustle up some of your energy - I used to have it but of late it's kinda left me! You sure do squeeze in a lot & all the soccer too! My hubby does most of that to give me some time off - I go once a season - camera in hand! ;-D


This is so funny!!! You have a great sense of humor!

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