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December 13, 2010


cindy tobey

Cute project Laura! LOVE those sheet music flowers!


Great idea, Laura!


love, love these frames. you inspired me to look for them. what a great project and like you said, how wonderful for ANY holiday..have a GREAT Monday! Thanks for sharing AS ALWAYS! SMiles!


Totally cute.


love love these, would look good in my living room right now. thank you for all your wonderful ideas. It's a snow day here for us.

Linda Barber

So adorable! You are so creative. And I love that you share it with the rest of us. I have some frames just sitting around. Begging for this project! (But then, I have to switch them out to Happy New year stuff, then V-Day's, then St Patty's, etc etc etc! LOL!)

Helen Tilbury

Very cute indeed Laura! And thanks for the heads-up on the paper...have ordered 6 today & should land here cheaper than what I pay & better!


oh these are cute! I love home decor stuff with SBing products :) you are the queen of that!


These are so cute! Love the dinky size :)

Laurel S

Love these and I am very honored to be on the Slice Elite testimonial add with you!

Sara Rossi

These are super cute! I can see these for every holiday....now I need to find some frames! ;)

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