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December 03, 2010



I remember this layout and loving how it looked. I've never done a layout of my decorations. Every year I change how I decorate our house and our two trees but never scrapped it. This year I've already decided to add more layouts about the decorations and such instead of just xmas morning. I really like both versions of this laura. The first one is more fun and love the big red polka dots but the second one is more simple. My favorite is the little string of lights, how cute are those. Great job on both and yes all the glitter looks so pretty but what a mess.


I forgot to write that we are going to put up our tree this weekend so it's not that late. Sometimes we don't even put it up till a week before xmas, if I put my stuff up too early by xmas i'm tired of looking at it so I wait then try and stretch till new years day and take it all down.


Hey girl, love both versions of this layout!! We haven't put up our decorations either and I'm feeling behind.


no, you're not the only one! :) I think we'll head out to the woods this weekend to find a tree, and i need to pull the stockings out of the shed so i can send my son's to him in afghanistan, so i better get moving myself! :) love the layouts- as always!! i LOVE your style.

Wendy Sue

oooh, girl, even at this early early date, you just might be the last person on earth to decorate your home for the holidays. I'm serious. Good thing you're making up for it by sharing these super great projects! :o)

Eileen Van Dyke

You are not alone! Our decorations are still in the attic too! I need a good full week between Thanksgiving and putting up Christmas decorations. I decorate a lot for Thanksgiving because we have dinner here so I need to get all of that put away first! My birthday is the 13th and when I was a kid the tree didn't go up till after my birthday! That is really late for me though, so we will do it next week!


Love your layout, Laura! I love seeing your Christmas decor every year too! Hey, I am feeling super flaky, and I might not send out Christmas cards this year- do you think that is selfish??? It feels kind of selfish!

Helen Tilbury

So interesting to hear about the whole preparing for publication process...lovely layout with lots of glitter despite your aversion - I know what you mean - I once got some strange looks at a parent/teacher evening as I had a glistening cleavage! Perhaps they thought I did a bit of pole dancing while the kids were at school!!


I love both layouts - especially those little Christmas lights! We've got our decorations up but with the beginning of our summer it sure doesn't feel like Christmas. This will be our sixth tropical Christmas but it still seems weird sitting next to the tree in shorts and tank tops. You've inspired me to do a Tropical Christmas layout. Thanks Laura!

Sara Rossi

LOVE LOVE LOVE this LO!! There is something about it that just draws you in....Fun to see both LO's. Think they both look great equally! And all the glitter really makes it bright!

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