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January 13, 2011



They are gorgeous!!!!


WOW WOW WOW WOW!! Had to wow it 4 times for four fantastic frames. I love this idea and that you showed us all the steps. What is my favorite is that you took that extra step and added floss to them, I would never have thought of that. This year my goal is to do more home decorating so please show us anytime you do something like this. I bet your girls were excited to see these.

I visited Kayla's blog and teared up over all she's been thru and how happy that Scarlett is doing better. This touched home with me because when I was born at full term my heart was the size of a 3yrold and before my mom/dad could see me they rushed me right to a life flight to our children's hospital. My poor parents were scared and clueless as what to do. It was a long, scary, hopeful, amazing couple months. I had to take special medication to slow down my heart size and then finally could come home. My mom still remembers when the doctors told her I could come home, she was soooo happpppyyyyy!! Thanks for sharing the story with us laura.


So cute and great idea! Great way to use up those old chipboard flowers I have been hoarding!

Banu H

WOW..these turned out just gorgeous. I am going to book mark this tutorial so that I can do some of these as Christmas Gifts for my friends. thanks so much for sharing this tutorial.

Kathy (krolski)

What a great project! These turned out so cute! Thanks for the tutorial!


These are absolutely adorable. Who would have thought about wrpping floss around the flowers. You really are the BOMB! I know the girls lov'em

Laura T.

Wow - those are just beautiful ... such a creative girl you are!

Vera Wirianta Yates

This is an awesome tutorial, Laura. I really need to start doing something like this besides just cards. Now, if only I can find extra time! :)

Eileen Van Dyke

First - these are fantastic! I love the idea and the colors are great!

Second - I have a question for you. I have a Making Memories paper trimmer and I have had it for many years and have loved it. Recently, it is not cutting very smoothly. I was wondering what trimmer you use and how do you like it. I'm thinking since my is old (got it when they first came out) it might be time for a replacement.

angie blom

this is a beautiful idea.. I will have to look for some frames.. will love to make a set for my new niece that is on the way in May.


these are oh-so-cute!!!! I love the colors and they look so simple to make :)

Heather Ruwe

must try something like this. these are too cute! :)


LOVE these! Think I will try them, too! Thanks!


i have been following Kayla's blog for a few months now, she has such faith and an adorable baby.
the redo of the frames are a great ideal.
i love the new look.

Sarah Klemish

Helloooo Miss Creative! SO cute!

Sandra A

Very creative! And it looks like something even I could do. lol

Krista Lund

love your project! way to repurpose!!

Sara Rossi

Seriously how cute are these!?!?! What's even better is that you already had them. So so cool! Makes me want to look around my house to see what I can re-do! ;)



wendy b.

I absolutely love these! Thanks for sharing!

Megan Hoeppner

Fab work, Laura! I LOVE these and will definitely do something like this in the future. TFS your bright ideas!

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