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January 04, 2011



Thank you so much for the great tips. I can't believe all the work you have to go thru to get a good picture. That is a great tip on how you get the layout to stand up and be straight. I also love love this layout, don't remember seeing it before and it's not in my laura binder. Love your picutres of her eating it though and the title.


Thank you SO much for this. I read a TOTALLY different tutorial on this topic a few months ago and have been following its steps. But I'm not quite there. I haven't quite perfected the art yet. I'm going to try your method for a while I think.

christy harris

Thank you Laura! I have been wanting to ask you this exact question for a while now since my pictures of my layouts never quite come out right. I have had my husband looking for a scanner for me for this very reason but you might have just saved me some money! Thank you so much... I am going to practice now!

angie blom

wonderful.. this is what I do to mine but I have a piece of large canvas behind.. if my room looked a stunning as yours I would for sure hav it in my photo. Thanks.. love it.


thanks for sharing! this looks awesome, I guess the camera makes a difference. I had a little compact and takes me way more than 6 shots to get it right...

Vera Wirianta Yates

Laura, this is such a great tutorial. I always had hard time taking layout pic. Also, thank you so much for your lovely Christmas card! I just saw it yesterday, when I came back from my trip. You have such good looking family! :)

Andrea B.

Thank you for this post- it was very helpful. I am also wondering how people print out those photobooth looking photos? The one's with 3-4 different photos lined up or even just wallet size photos without having to print 6 or more of the same shot. Right now I am still printing my pictures from Shutterfly or what have you but have been researching and looking to buy a good quality photo printer. If you have any advice in this area that would be great! Thanks again!

Suzanne Sergi

thanks for sharing Laura your process! That is still one of my favorite pages!!! Beautiful work!


What a great tutorial! I have found that photo's are so much better in natural light but I am never home durring the day unless it is a weekend. I am always o eager to share that I often end up taking photos in horrible lighting at night. You have inspired me to slow it down and wait for the natural lights when I can. So glad you also gave the tip with the chipboard as I am forever having my layouts look so slanted. I am participating in a crop and a craft day with friends over the weekend now I can't wait to take pics and share. Thanks! Oh and this page...O[reo] so cute!!! I do beleive I saw it the first time you blogged about it but it is just one that you can look at over and over again. :)


hey girl, I learned a few things...using chipboard behind the layout and resizing the pic...never thought of either of those ideas!!! Thanks so much for all the info.
And BTW, its hard to pick just one layout that I love of your the most but the oreo one is one of my very favs ;)

Felicia Young

Man! Thank you so much for the tutorial! I have never thought of any of those things. Thanks Laura :D

Sara Rossi

Great tips! I have tons of chipboard lying around too...will be trying it next time. I seem to always take my pics at night knowing full well that the lighting is bad but I know if I wait till the next day something else will come up. :(


so funy i like ^^

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