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January 11, 2011



I haven't done any digital scrapbooking .... yet but would love to try and this special edition seems a great way to get instructions


I so want to give digital a try but am unsure of to many things about it. Guess maybe I should take a class.

Raewyn A

I have created seven layouts so far this year and they are all digi. I currently use a mixture of quick pages and templates but am keen to create my own templates soon. I am still a paper and glue scrapper too and don't think that will change in a hurry, I just like that I can digi-scrap on my laptop anywhere. =)
(btw - if my name is drawn for the prize I will pay the postage downunder)

Brittney A

I've dabbled in digi scrappin', and I want to learn the tips and tricks so I'm no longer intimidated.


I've never actually tried digital scrapbooking, even though I've been collecting free kits for a while now. But maybe this week's the week-- I'm flying halfway across the country and am going to have a lot of down-time on my trip. I can't carry-on my scrapbooking supplies, so I'm thinking of using this time to try my hand at the digital side :) I'd like to learn how so that I can make my own custom photo books.


I do a little digital scrapping. I would love to win a copy of the magazine to learn more.


I've never done dig scrapping but would love to find out more and would definitely try my hand at it. Thanks for the chance to win.


I like the ease of digi scrapping, but love the paper and embellishments...it is nice to have both to use! I have the other Jessica Sprague idea books, do you know if this is made up of those ideas, or totally new ones?


I'm a wannabe digital scrapper. I've dabbled a little here and there, but would love to learn more! Thanks for the chance to win!


I've never tried digital scrapping it scares me too! Thanks for a chance to win.

Angie T

I love digital scrapping but get overwhelmed with all the options. Where to start!


i am a paper and glue kind of gal myself, but i do use my 'puter for some journalind and editing photos ;)

Marilyn T

I have tried a little bit of digital scrapping, and am anxious to learn more about it. I have seen so many beautiful digi layouts, and am anxious to make some of my own!


CK and other galleries probably think I'm solely a digi scrapper, because those are the only l/o's I've figured out how to post! But I really do prefer the tactile joys of paper and glue.


I want to try digital but seems to me too time consuming (resizing, dragging and dropping, can't find where I saved what, etc)---


Oh cool! I will have to run out and get one of these. I am more of a traditional scrapper but have taken online classes to jazz up my photos.


I am trying digital and what i have done so far i LOVE. But i would call myself hybrid because i still do paper stuff too. Thanks for the opportunity to win, would love it!

Lynette C

I do both digital and paper and glue and love both version very much. Love to learn more digital scrapbooking with this special issue.

Christy Harris

Digital scrapbooking totally scares me too so this would be a great resource!


I have never done it for some reason. I think because I know I will love it and become obsessed!! :) I love to create invitiation and thank you cards so I think it may be time to venture to that area. Looks like a great issue that I should definitaly check out.


I am loyal to my paper and glue, but who says you can't give something new a try....
i would love to win.


I've never tried digital scrapping but it seems like it would be faster...would love to try it. :)

Kelly C

Hybrid scrapper..although I am really loving the digital world these days!!

Vera Wirianta Yates

I guess, I am hybrid scrapper. I might printed some embellishments, but the rest I still love the feeling of actual papers. I kind of addicted to paper. :)

Felicia Young

Yes, I am loyal to the paper and glue, but I am willing to try some digital scrapbooking just to say I have done some.

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