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January 17, 2011



To store extra packages of embellishments, I hung one of those over the door organizers (the kind with 4 hooks used for hanging up towels or bathrobes) on my scrap room door. Using the hanger hole on the pkg, i slip several pkgs onto jumbo metal binder rings and then just put the rings onto the hooks on the door. Holds tons and, when the door is open, you don't even see them. Makes use of that dead space that wouldn't otherwise be used,

Brittney A

When I buy entire collections (or almost an entire collection), I keep the paper, chipboard sheets and stickers together with a bull dog / binder clip and then stick it in my slotted jetmax cube. It's a very simple way to keep everything together and easy to take apart!


That looks like a really good one! Thanks for the chance! I like to keep my patterned paper in labeled Cropper Hopper paper containers, then I put in my cubes I got at Michaels- they fit perfectly in the vertical holders!


I use clear plastic storage containers so I can see what I have (and not forget about what I already have). Even though I can see what is inside the containers, I labeled them with its contents.

Jodi Geers

I am a traveling scrapbooker. That means I don't just scrap at home, so I have to be organized on the go. I use a milk crate on wheels (purchased from office depot) that Cropper Hopper containers fit nicely down into. I keep my solid papers in one crate, labeled and sorted by color and my design papers in another crate labeled and sorted by theme. Works great for traveling!

Kim M

That book has my name written all over it. I love organization and any tips on how to be more organized for scrapping would be amazing. Thanks for the chance to win!

Tammy Cappolina

I want to win this! I am a sucker for organization! I make lots of cards, and organize them by category (birthday, thank you, etc.) I can just go to my card file when I need to give or send out a card.

Stephanie Buice

Such an awesome giveaway! I am SO in need of that book right now!!! My cork boards that I use to tack up my supplies are falling apaprt and I need to find a new way to organize stuff in such a bad way. My organizing tip is that I find it much better to store my chipboard letters in those plastic sets of drawers (from the hardware section). One drawer per letter(all A's in one all B's in another etc). I have 2 sets of drawers one for upper case and one set for lower case. I painted them white with that plastic spray paint and voila! Perfect!

Amy Coose

I am the least organized person EVER, so this book would be a great help. The only tip I've used that works for me is storing my ribbon by color in jars. Although that's starting to become a mess as well, LOL! Thanks for the chance to win.


The only tip is to just do it - stay organized. Scrapping isn't very fun when your supplies aren't where you can access them.
Love a chance to win!

Vera Wirianta Yates

I love the cover! I stored my scrap papers on boxes and I label all my boxes.


tackle boxes, tackle boxes... :) I store all kinds of little embellies in them, plus they're easy to grab when i head to my bi-annual crop! :) c'mon random number generator- pick me!!! I tried to find this book (the old edition) on amazon, and it was over $100!!!


Wow, that's a fantastic giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. My favorite thing that I use to organize is a plastic drawer organizer that is meant for a kitchen drawer to put batteries, etc. in. I use mine for brads, buttons, eyelets, all those little things. It has a lot of little compartments, I just open my drawer of my desk and it's all right there organized by color. Those little embellies seem to be the hardest to keep track of and this works great.

Kathy R

I really need this book. I organize by color but need to divide it all up more than just that. I like cropper hopper paper storage and divided boxes for tiny embellishments.

Mary Lynn

I really need help in getting organized. I do not know where to begin. The room that I am going to use is such a mess it is over powering me. I want to get it organized so I can go in there and just scrapbook.

Eileen Van Dyke

I can't scrap unless my room is organized. Have to have my paper in the cropper hopper vertical paper holders. Love baskets for my stamps, ribbon, flowers, mini albums and new stuff that I want to use. My #1 must have is my MM table top carousal that holds all of my goodies right there for me to grab and scrap.

Karen P

I found some adorable little tin pails in the dollar aisle at Target. I bought a bunch of them to sort my different colors of brads into. Love seeing them sitting on my windowsill in my scrap room! Thanks for the chance to win.


Organisation? Umm I just throw everything into a big cupboard! Lol I think I need this book ;)


mmm this may be what i need...have been toying with the idea of grouping my stuff into colours!!!! might look into this again!!!

my tip is to have some stuff OUT on your table often.. i have a multi layered fruit bowl stand... it find if my stuff is OUT i use it!!!!

Marilyn Nimmo

My cardstock is organized by color and patterned paper is organized by vendor or theme. I have so much from my favorite vendors that they just get there own bin. always looking for more ways to tame the scrapbook room!

Cindy Johnston

ohhhh...love the look of this book and I NEED some organization help bigtime! Ummm...my tip, if you could call it that...LOL is get a clip it up or make one, lots of tutorials out there for this as I find the clip it up a big help in knowing at least some of what I have right there to see! :) thanks for the giveaway Laura!

Michele Marshall

i organize my embelishments by color in two rolling iris carts. It works for me at home and when I go to a crop


I'm not too good at organization---
the only tip I have is USE YOUR WALLS


the only thing I have organized is my punches. I keep them in the same bin. I REALLY NEED this book.


I have a file folder box with files for each color of paper. I organize my scraps by color so that when I am working on a project and just need a little piece, I pull out the appropriate file instead of digging through a bin of mish-mosh. Currently my scrap room looks like "a bomb went off" according to my husband- so apparently, I am in need of this book!

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