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January 17, 2011



I've wanted this book since the old edition went out of print but it was so so pricey after that. My tip...I keep my stickers organized onto large binder rings, with a label of who or what I bought them for. For example, unicorn stickers that remind me of my oldest niece would go on her ring.


I could use a lot of help organizationally! I tend to have stacks of paper in various places, and then I don't remember that they're there (especially all the patterned paper). Not helpful!


Thanks for doing this giveaway Laura! My best organization tip is to store "kits" of product in large zipper bags -- I store the paper, ideas, embellishments etc all together so all I have to do is grab the bag and go :)

Hope I win, I could really use it!


I've been thinking a lot recently on how I can get (& more importantly stay!) better organized. Hopefully this book can provide me with some ideas.

My organization tip is to tidy up between projects & put everything back where it belongs. Saves so much time later when you're looking for stuff.


What a great giveaway! My tip is to use a $1.99 clear plastic organizational box with about 36 rectangles. I use it to put my round yellow sponges, cut into 8 triangular pieces, that I use for my ink colors. Then on the top of the plastic box I put a small white sticker and write the name of the color ink so I know right where to put it back when I use it, and I don't have to mix the ink colors on the sponges when I want to use red one day and yellow the next.


The only thing I actually have organized is my embellishments. They are in jars from IKEA. I seriously need this book!

Sara Rossi

Always love tips for organization! Gotta check to see if I have this already, if not you KNOW I'll be getting it!


I use flat rate boxes as my makeshift cropper-hoppers. They work great and are easy to trim down to fit in an Expedit! thanks for the giveaway.


we are living with mum while we build, so keeping organised is kinda hard. BUT i do keep colours with colours in my rolling trolley and collections with collections. AND do need inspiration for organising my ever growing scrapbooking collection when i have my very own scrapbooking room. bring on the book !! and thanks for your fab blog!


i now have my ribbon sorted by colors and i LOVE it!
would love to also get my hands on this great giveaway.


I love the color of this book and the photos you showed us, especially the last one. This would be so awesome to win because I'm finally turning half our family room into my scrap area and I NEED ideas to make it work. Please pick me as the number, I'm even willing to share it. After 3 months of memorizing it and getting my room ready I will happily mail it to someone else.

My tips that work for me is to keep my most favorite tools right there on the table in a bucket, basket, whatever you want. The other thing I do is organize my paper in a scrapbook paper zipper bag I have, each section is a theme christmas, summer, spring, fall/halloween, etc. so it's easy to find those. My other paper is in a 5 drawer cart on wheels, one drawer for pattern paper, solids, scraps, then the other two are stuffed with embellishments which makes it hard to find. Thank you so much for the giveaway and I'm crossing my fingers.


I organize Everything by brand. That's the best way that works for me !!!

Thanks for the chance,



I subscribe to a monthly kit club & put each kit in a large ziploc bag to keep all the contents together. I then put the bags in a large basket under my scrap table so I have easy access to all my kits whenever I want. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I would love to win a copy of this book!

Marcie L

I have started storing everything by color, a la Stacy Julian. It is an amazing time saver!


Thanks for the chance to win this Laura..I would love this. Here are a few tips. Store your papeer scraps in an accordion file by color..makes it very easy to find them. Pure regularly and look at what you are purging. It will help you not but things that aren't really your style!



Chris R

i store my punches on little shelves that my husband made. these shelves are on a wall of pegboard. they work great and they enable me to see exactly what i have.

Krista Lund

what an awesome giveaway! i am in the process collecting scrap studio ideas in hopes of revamping my scrap room (ok, who am i fooling? i am hoping you will come over and do it for me!)
so my organization tip...purge regularly and often.


lol. I will never be an organized scrapbooker, but my tip is - always put everything on it´s place. when you use a punch, put it back to your punch box. when you use piece of paper, store or throw away the rest. i just wish i would do it every.single.time :))

Misty Woerner

When I finish a layout, it goes straight into the album. The album actually sits on my desk so it's easy to slip right in. I also scrap what I feel at the moment. I used to get caught up on staying chronological. This took that stress away. I also clean up after every project when it's complete. I think it gives me permission to start the next project. :)

Kelly Rodgers

The only thing that works for me in my organisation is storing cardstock by colour. Everything else is pretty dysfunctional and not really working for me


I have put all of my cardstock alphabets into a plastic container, all stacked neatly so it is easy to flip through them to see what I want.

Mrs Swiz

I use accordian files to organize stickers and some embellishments; you can get files in various sizes, which accomodates almost any size embellishment!


I have found it helpful to "kit" some of my themed materials that I only use for that theme --- for example I have a Christmas box that contains Christmas themed papers and embellishments. I have also created theme boxes or kits for Halloween, Valentine's Day and for the school albums I keep for both of my girls. This has greatly helped me in putting together my speciality and mini albums.

Beth Hallgren

I love to use vintage finds to store my tidbits. Buttons, flowers, leftover diecuts and ribbon remnants go into vintage glass jars with lids (the type found in old five & dime's to hold candy), then they are displayed in an antique glass front cupboard from my DH's Grandpa's store. Thanks for the chance to win!

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