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January 12, 2011



Thank you for sharing your family & holiday with us. That little Zachary is adorable, my girls would eat him up. I laughed about your husbands shirts, so nice for you to dress him in the right holiday colors. I have to ask in the background pictures by the tree what kind of stockings are those (super cute) and what kind of snowman and where are they from ( I collect snowmen and havent seen these kind before)they look cute? My extended family actually wore holiday colors this year also so my pages will look colorful and Christmasy. Have a good day.


Looks like a good time was had by all. Thanks for sharing all your pics - looks like you all had a great Christmas!

Christy Harris

Thanks for sharing your great photos! Can you tell us what settings you used on your camera to get so much light into your photos and yet most of them are so clear! Great job!

Monika Sham

You have a beautiful family! I was worried you hadn't even gotten one picture of yourself. A problem I normally have... always behind the camera :(


I'm so jealous that you get great holiday pics!! You really take awesome pics and nice to see the whole fam :)
Thanks for sharing!

Ashley M

Seriously awesome Christmas pics. I agree with the comment above...not sure how you get such good lighting inside. Merry Christmas (a few weeks late). :)


Laura, loved your family and holiday photos, very jealous you have holiday photos!! And Joe's comments about the Christmas sweater and Thanksgiving shirt cracked me up!

Sara Rossi

Great pics! Funny that you're posting these now. I just posted our Christmas Eve today & started working on Christmas Day but had to stop. LOL! LOVE the family pic (even if Sarah is a little blurry--can't even tell till you really look!) Had to laugh at Joe's comments about his Christmas & Thanksgiving clothes! He's hysterical!

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