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January 19, 2011



Wow how fun this post is, love seeing what's in your space and how organized it is. I can't believe how many adhesives you have, do they all do something different? I only have my one creative memories tape runner from 6 years ago when I started scrapping and 2 refills in my drawer. Yep, this just proves that you could write a book my friend and it would sell like hotcakes. Thanks for sharing this and can't wait to see what's next.


By the way laura I keep forgetting to tell you how great it is that you have a section just about your layouts/projects so that we can go back to look them up easily. I really appreciate the time you take to do this.


Thanks so much for sharing!

Becca Ferrebee

Thanks for sharing! I love your desk and the drawer unit (and all the goodies in them!).

Suzanne Sergi

Thanks for sharing your organizational process. I have the clear plastic trays too from Target. Great minds think alike! LOL
I thought I had a ton of adhesive, but I think you are the queen of adhesive! LOL
Have a great day!!!

Laura T.

Thanks for the tour ... OMG glue dots, and the rest of your adhesive. I too use my carousel as a catch all for now with things I need to find a permanent home for. Enjoy the day!

Monika Sham

Loving your storage cubes... they are the greatest but man what a nightmare to put together. I have one wall in my scrapbook room filled with them 3 high.... I think 21 total. Looking at all your organization of them makes me think I need to go though mine and reorganize them... Thanks for the inspiration!


Don't you just love reorganizing? I just did my desk and added some shelves this past weekend. It reminds you of all you have to work with. some things I forget I have. Like you I hardly use my stamps anymore. Thanks for sharing your room with us, it is always intersting to see how others organize there scrap space.
As for the empty drawer, I am sure something will find it's way into it! LOL

Whitney Dewell

amazing! I love organizing!! We are about to do a huge organizing of our craft area too. We should do a post on that!!


oh-how-fun!!! I love seeing the inside of people's drawers ;) Especially crafty ones! I have those as well and some also have those dividers in my adhesive one and one for my stickles/embossing. Funny at how many pop dots you have!
I like the basket idea too! I just purchased a valentines basket from Michaels last week to use for my most recent favorite purchases when I found that I would put stuff away and then forget about it, lol.

Mary Lynn

I like all of the ideas you did about organizing. I bet it is easier to be organized that unorganized. I was wondering what kind of adhesive so you use the most? I just used my last Duck Adhesive and I will not go back to those.
Thank you


wow, what a lot of things! we´re going to move soon and I hope to fit all my supplies into the rolling tote. lol, you will need like ten of them. I am so jealous now :)) it looks amazing together :)


So fun! Can I move into your scrapbooking room for a few months?

Sara Rossi

HA! I just bought another of these cubes today! I like how you use the 4 drawer for your cards. Too funny how you don't like to use glitter but have so much of it! Thanks for showing us your "drawers"! LOL!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE your desk, where did you get it from (not that they are probably anywhere here in Australia), love your blog, just stumbled upon it.

Selena (Melbourne Australia)

danni p

dang girl! - all that adhesive!! lol


I, too, LOVE your desk. You've probably talked about it before. Mind doing so again? Would love to know where I could find a similar one for myself! :)


Thanks for this post! I am organizing my new scrap room that does not have a closet. I will have two matching clothing chests that fit nicely under a window, and I'm going to turn them into work surfaces by adding butcher block counter tops. I was stressing about what to do with the big drawers, but you've inspired me with what you've done with your smaller drawers! Thanks again!

Helen Tilbury

Wow, Laura, those drawers certainly do hold more than meets the eye. Perfect organisation in there - very handy indeed! And one extra! Can't wait to see what you decide to use that one for. Your desk is massive! I wish I could have one that size but it's about the size of my whole room LOL. I did smile when I saw all those mists as I thought just what you said - can I ever remember seeing misting?!? I have been really inspired by the CK blog (and yours!) this week & am definitely going to get into my studio as soon as I feel better!

wendy bretz

I have that desk!
that carousel
that mat
that zing
those stamps
HEY...is that my scraproom?


i'm jalous your scraproom is so extra i love

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