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February 18, 2011



This is simply gorgeous laura, love these pictures. again you surprise me with your color choice but it looks so good together. love the sewing you did.


Really cute! And there are those orchard pictures! I love Becky Fleck, her sketches are my favorite! I almost always use one of her sketches for inspiration when I do a layout!

Victoria in OHio

Love it! and love the lollipop one from yesterday too. you are my inspiration. thanks!


LOVE, LOVE this layout as usual Laura....awesome use of the sketch. And those ARE really great photos...

I see that you are doing more and more sewing on your layouts...would absolutely LOVE to see you do a video or tutorial on that....

Whenever I feel a creative slump, you sure can help. Must be the dark dreary days here in PA...


Another great layout! Sketches are so much fun. I have loved these photo's of Alyssa since you first showed them to me!

jen shears

this is an awesome page- saw it at pebbles yesterday! here's a few things that make me smile- you used strips to mimic a whole page, you used an 'older' line, and you don't stress about adhesive being (barely) visible!

Heidi Sonboul

i love the colors of this layout and where you placed the journaling :) So CUTE!

Eileen Van Dyke

So cute, love this layout! Yesterays was cute also!


I just love your layouts, your attention to detail and just the little touches you add make it just pop!

Vera Wirianta Yates

Laura, this is such a gorgeous layout. And love these pics of Alyssa. You know, I adore your layouts, always. :)


LOVE the colors in this one! I agree about sketches, they do take a BIG part of think out of a layout, especially nice ones like this. I might have to save it and try! :) And I REMEMBER these picture-AMAZING!

Helen Tilbury

Great work Laura! Sorry I haven't popped in that much lately - I am doing a photography course with Karen Russell that is pretty hectic going! LOVE the page, and the photos! And I am noticing the sewing, and thought I remembered you saying you didn't sew, so obviously you have taken the plunge. You've done a great job of it too. Hope you get a more relaxing weekend this week :)


omg, wow!!! Speechless! Look what you did with that gray paper! And gosh darn I should have gotten some gray dotted paper at the LSS tonight!

Monika S

Wow! Those color look great together! You have such a good eye. I'm going to have to lift that sketch. TFS Monika


IN Awe of your layout.... pun intended!
Love the tip for stretching that lonely scrap and making it look like the background.
Those photos are great. I too scrap the same photos at different times, sometimes for me but mostly because I scrap for my daughter, son, and niece and nephews!
Have a great week!

Sara Rossi

I just love these pics and they never fail to make me smile. I understand how you like to scrap them! ;) Your take on the sketch ROCKS! And never would I have known that grey paper was just strips! You are AMAZING!!

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