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February 07, 2011



I love this too laura. so fun to see her growing up and changing all on one layout. going to borrow this idea for my cousin i babysit for. haley is so cute and love her pretty hair. my girls never had the pretty hair, just messy kind of hair and knots. have a great day.

Laura T.

What a beautiful pages and the photos are gorgeous. I can't believe how much she changed from her first pictures to her last pictures. Great job!

Kathy (krolski)

Love all the photos and how they show her growing up. And the film strip adds a lot to the page. Great LO!

Sara Rossi

As soon as I saw this in CK I knew it was the ending of her album! It's beautiful! Absolutely LOVE seeing her "grow up" & the design! And yes you are your own worst critic! I think your handwriting is great!

Monika S

This is perfect! I should do it with pics of my girls.... well if I ever get my 32 years of pictures sorted so I could find my favorites. UGH! OH and of course I have those exact papers in my stash LOL

I just bet your daycare moms love having you to care for their little ones. Your talent is a bonus to good day care... and how exciting for the little ones to get to be in a magazine!
Any chance you need to make a move?? My daughter in Elk Grove needs good day care LOL

jen shears

what a perfect ending to her book!!! (and you ARE your worst critic- your handwriting is great!)

Erin Weed

I've always loved this layout of yours!


This is a gorgeous layout. She is adorable! You know I feel the same way about my handwriting, but yours would be fabulous(;

Jennifer DeWolfe

Love this layout! Such a great way to show the changes through time!


I SO loved this in the magazine! I remember that book, so cute that you included this LO!


Since the first time you showed me this layout I have been in love with it and I still want to lift it LOL! Funny about the photo's coming out different when you print at home (mine do to and I thought it was me all this time LOL). You always know how to make me feel better!


How sweet is this!! Those mom's are lucky to have you for their daycare provider!! What a great way to showcase her growing up!!!

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