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February 09, 2011



Uh, when pray tell do you sleep?


wow, you all are extremely busy! :))

Laura T.

Wow - guess you are keeping pretty busy. I have to start working on my tax papers too ... I want to submit so I can get some money back sooner than later.


Thank you thank you for this post today laura. This was what I wanted to see from you this week after all your awesome layouts from CHA....so many things going on in the Vegas house. That's awesome to take pictures of all your girls things and schedules you can put this all in that awesome school album you have for them. I'm about ready to take my girls cell phones away from them, they think texting is 24/7 and no way is it. So new rules can't have phones till after 10am and turn back into ME THE MOM at 7pm every night, it's crazy hoping these rules will help. My 2nd daughter turned 14 today and she is a huge reader sometimes 30 books a week, sadly this is what I ground her from before she had the cell, she can't live without reading. Thanks for sharing all the fun laura it's just wanted I needed.


Wow. I thought my life was getting busy as my three kids got older (oldest is six) with gymnastics and dance and swimming and T-ball coming up ... but wow! I don't know how you do it! I never even finished P365 for 2009 :)


cute way to capture your familiy's "busy-ness"!

Sara Rossi

I really like how you "keep it real" & incorporate the "blah" stuff like Taxes in there with the good stuff.


Great ideas for POTD! I need to play catch up too. I need to steal a couple of these. Homework and schedules.

Angela R

OMG I don't know how you do it and make such wonderful creations. I said the same thing to Nichol Magouirk and Jennifer McGuire. The only thing that I can think of that makes you gals different is that you are all stay at home moms and you all have wonderful family's.
I'm happy for all of your and am very grateful that all of you can share your creations on the web ;-)

Suzanne Sergi

I loved all your photos! My oldest is an avid reader, but I cannot keep up her pace! By the time she buys one, she is ready for a new one! LOL
Well, my Kit has arrived, and I hope to get it started this weekend!
have a great weekend!!!(:

Linda Barber

I'm with Ally! When do you sleep, my friend? (Also snickering that Joe doesn't do the paperwork ever.) Miss you!


I tried to take a pic a day for January, and I couldn't do it! It was great during Dec. when I was home, and planned fun stuff for us to do- but I realized how boring we are when we just go to school and come home! That is our life right now...you make it look really interesting!

I was going to ask you if you saw that Smashbook at CHA, but then I saw your post and saw you had! I don't think it would be anything I would be interested in, but I think my 11 year old would love it!


Wow, that sounds like some insanity! Kudo's to you for being so organized and keeping everything together! You're like super mom!


That's a great overlay on your photos. What is it called? I'd like to get it.

Happy Weekend!

Heather Ruwe

great photos laura. your shots always tell such a great story.

Helen Tilbury

I totally agree about Project Life. Mine finally arrived & I am only now choosing my photos & getting January done in one foul swoop as they say! Fine by me cos I take regular photo anyhow & any gaps I can fill in by taking a stack of photos of everyday life on one day, like what you did here. Wow your kids are just as busy as you from the looks of things. I meant to ask you in your latest post, what is the font there that you have used for the journaling? Also wanted to ask about Alyssa's reading list. My youngest daughter Camryn is nearly 11 & loves to read but is at the stage where kids books are a bit babyish now & teen books are a bit ahead of her. Do you have any recommendations? No rush to reply, sorry to bug you :)

Julie DeGuia

These are great everyday pictures Laura! Great snapshot into your lives - can't wait to see them on layouts! And that is a cool overlay on the photos!


Great idea...shows a real slice of life! :-) I am always taking pics of my books, too. Needed to catch up on your blog! You've been busy! Loved your CHA report. Are you taking the photography workshop listed at the top of your blog? I think that's Karen Russell? I am finally getting a new camera (Nikon needed to be replaced, but you know, life and bills get in the way). Ordered a Rebel last night. Want ot start shooting again! :-)

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