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March 18, 2011


cindy tobey

Wow girl! You need some sleep! :) Glad things went well for you.


Oh Laura what an adventure! lol! Glad you are home safe and sound. :)

Becky Olsen

Wow, what a whirlwind of an adventure!
Hope you can get caught up on some zzzzzz's soon!!

Your friend Carla

Wow, that's crazy that people think that they can still smoke! And to do that on a plane, while we're all up in the air is just plain (plane, get it?) unhumane.
So glad that you got to see your sister. Can wait to see what you secret project is :)

Wendy Sue

Memorable trip for sure! Glad you're home safe & sound - hopefully you can catch up on your sleep over the weekend! :o)


Glad you had a safe trip. Your description made me giggle, because that is how I would feel flying somewhere by myself. Looking forward to hearing about the project!


Wow, I feel tired for you! It is so hard when you are working that hard- just thinking clearly is almost impossible! I hope you get back on track now that you are home! Hopefully you have some down time! Can't wait to hear more about your video! Did you love Colorado? Was it beautiful like everyone says?

Sara Rossi

Starting off a trip on such a small amount of sleep is no fun (been there, done that). Then add to that the inability to breathe as you walk--OMG!! Sounds like a great adventure despite that all. And the plane story made me laugh. BTW--You can use your earbuds from your ipod for the movies/shows on the plane. Just plug then in the arm rest. Can't wait to hear more about the secret video....

jen shears

you make me giggle! and I'm with you on liking it when people OVERTLY break rules get caught!


Totally crazy that someone smoked on your flight. That is the biggest no-no ever! I can't wait to hear about your video!

Stephanie Buice

Okay,I'm such a dork haha I need to know, did your makeup make it?
I am glad you had a great trip and made it back safe and sound, I am excited to hear about your video.


love the ramblings! :) so glad you're home safe and sound, and can't wait to see what you were filming!

Jennifer Boehme

Glad you are home safe and loved the flight story. I have seen some previous videos so I totally can't wait to see your secret ! Lol

Stephanie Buice

I am so glad your makeup made it home haha that's funny, thanks for taking the time to let me know. Btw I think that you are so sweet. Hope you have a good day!


OMG, you had a better looking cameraman AND an airplane adventure? Who in the world thinks they can smoke in an airplane and not get caught? Dang. No such excitement in my flight home. No police coming in to haul someone out. I'm so bummed.

Joanne Freeman

What a great story. Gave me a good laugh. I identified with your 'dramatics'. I too let my imagination run wild when I am on a plan. I also know what you mean about Denver. I live in Australia but we flew into Denver on our way to Alburquerue in 2009 and we got lost trying to find our terminal. It was a fun experience though.
By the way I loved your ramblings. Keep sharing

Krista Lund

love your recap..i too love when rule breakers get caught! lol
i can't wait to hear more about the tapings! so fun!


That was a funny story. I was just in the Denver airport and you are not exagerrating that airport is huge!

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