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March 09, 2011


Monika S

Laura.. I love seeing this "older" stuff. You're giving me inspiration. I have some metal sheets that I just had to buy yet never even used one sheet. I may have to drag it out and emboss it.

Also love the first one. The brads inside the heart cutouts are great. I don't have a Slice but I know I have something like that on one of my Cricut Cartridges that never get used!

Thanks for sharing! Monika


What do you mean..Laura Vegas designs that don't make the cut..well, that is just BLASPHEMY...ha!

I love these layouts and great use of the SLice. I always love the 'lil extra you put into your layouts.

Can't wait to see what else didn't make the cut....that even souds wrong typing that...LOL!
Smiles from a rainy PA!

Mandy Szeto

Super Cute Laura. I do not use my slice enough. Sometimes I think it takes too much time. I also have only a few design cards, so it is nice to see you can still do a lot with them.
I am curious to see what you are cooking up now though...

Your friend Carla

These are SO pretty girl!!! I have so many of those grommets, would like to lift this idea and use them up ;) I'm also really into transperancy papers lately...adds so much to the page!

Bethany Hardy

Oh, my goodness! Your monologue is cracking me up. Next you are going to say you don't care for Kraft Cardstock or something crazy like that! ;)


Oowww.. these are awesome! All details are so cute and perfect (and so are your girls!) Have a great Friday! XOXO

Victoria in OHio

Love these- i think they are fab & fun!

Sara Rossi

These are awesome (as always)! And um....I still love my swiss dots like crazy... ;)

Krista Lund

glad you shared these! i like the tag title on the Laugh LO.

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