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April 21, 2011



laura your easter basket is so so cute. i love that you made it with ribbon strips and the eggs look so yummy inside. way to go on it. the layout is cute too.


Oh..your Easter basket is the most adorable, creative thing I have seen for awhile. LOVE IT! Remember the days when scrapbooking was all about technique, not product. You get an At plus for this!
Have a GREAT day!
Smiles from PA!


I love that ribbon easter basket! What a great idea. Happy Easter!



the basket!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Lynn

What a great layout. I like the Easter Basket. It is so cute and pretty. I also like how it all went together
Great Job!!!!
Have a great Easter

UR friend Carla

So cute!! Love the ribbon basket!!


Love, love, love the basket! Seriously, is there no end to your creative genius!?!?!?!

Sara Rossi

I LOVE everything about this! Those papers work great with the MM embellies! And the girls are so teeny tiny & cute! The basket is pure genius.

Tracy Lagaza

i too love it and will be borrowing it for sure!
i also enjoyed reading your post how you created the page- very real :-)

Nancy Ruess

Oh my, it is so adorable! Thanks for sharing this with all of us. Plus giving us the details on how to make our own!!!! Love you for that too! Happy Easter to you and your family and to everyone out there!

Kim Thomas

Super cute, Happy Easter!!! :)

Faye T.

I love the whole layout, but am especially anxious to try the ribbon basket. Love it!!

Nancy Peterson

Love the basket and your layouts. Love that you use lots of photos. Drives my nuts when people use one photo. I have so many I would never get any scrapped if I only used one.


Love what you did with the Easter basket.


That basket is just adorable. The whole page is really but how cleaver with the scraps of ribbon. Love it!

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