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April 22, 2011



Oh.my. ever-loving. goodness. I am sitting her laughing and feeling sorry for you all at the same time...Sorry to hear about the escalator bang up job but thank God you didn't drop your laptop or spill your entire purse contents...or break an ankle...
But they way you tell a story is hilarious!
I will never think of Alice in Wonderland ever the same again. I will now think of you and the escalator and your conversation with the older lady....ha! Sorry Laura but I am laughing so hard that I have tear coming down my checks. You poor thing! And all for the sake of scrapbooking...Go figure?


Laura- after telling DD your story, she wants to know..'how's those boots working for ya'...forgive her, for her it is all about the outift...LOL!


hee hee hee hee hee hee!! I love it! What a funny adventure we had!! I'm so glad to see you tell your side of the story.And you're a much better story teller! Its so hilarious and ironic that you ended up at my house!
And yeah, Maui misses you :)


Oh my word!! lol!! I would be freaking out. Truely freaking out. On the up side, How FUN you got to meet Carla's family!

Glad you're ok on the falling. Yikes!


I LOVE THIS LAYOUT!!!!! I love the colors, the product you used and a simple story placed in the pocket...excellent Laura! I may have to scraplift it...I especially like the "Saturday" title on the side...xoxo

Sara Rossi

Wait WHAT???? What kind of airport "closes"? And seriously couldn't they TELL you at security that you were going to miss your flight so you wouldn't have to go thru all that? Sorry you fell. Glad Carla wasn't too far & was able to help. That is one crazy adventure! And the LO is pretty awesome! Cool that you already scrapped it!


This sounds like Planes, Trams and Automobiles! A short story by Laura! LOL

Sounds like you had a not so fun adventure! But look what you Got a Gorgeous Layout. I love this pictureless layout, it is one of my favorites of yours. The buildings are great and that loopy saturday on the side, I Love it. What did you sue for that?

Glad you made it home safe from St Louis!

Shemaine Smith

Oh my goodness....Now after seeing that before you left for the trip you were already anxious about flying and then to have all that happen...At least it all ended up working out. Life throws us those adventures I think to remind us that we are still pretty clever and great under pressure. In your case, you handled it in just that fashion.

Stephanie Buice

I haven't gotten to read the whole post yet but I just wanted to tell you that I love your lo. All that texture is awesome and such a great color combo. LOVE IT!

Suzanne Sergi

Oh, my! What an adventure you had! So glad you were not hurt. I have never heard of an airport being closed! Lol so glad you are safe! I love the layout! I signed up for the sketch class too. I am hoping to make a page one of these days! Lol
Happy Easter!!


Oh no! Natalie and I got stuck in that same traffic and ended up re-routing ourselves through East St. Louis (where there was NO traffic), which was a funny story itself. Thankfully we didn't have to be anywhere though. I'm glad you made it back safely. And 10 min for security in O'Hare?!? That's unheard of. It's a beast of an airport.


oh my gosh laura, you poor thing. I'm laughing and feeling bad for you too. How awful that you fell, so glad you didn't pull your back out or break something. all that traveling in one day.at least you had a little good come from it by seeing carla's family and house. i love that you made this a non-picture layout. we learned about that in my class. the colors you picked are pretty and love the title on the side. please tell me you have no travel plans anytime soon. i don't think you were made for traveling, just keep being a homebody like you've been. sending you big hugs and glad your home safe and sound again.


I'm tired just from reading your story.
Hope your next trip goes a little more smoothly!


Can't even imagine how tired you truly were at the end of those last two long days, but glad you made it safely home. What I love most about scrapbooking is the stories they tell, and this truly is a memorable story. Imagine what your grandkids will think someday when they read it! FUN!

Kim M

You have such a way of telling your story, I could totally imagine the whole episode in my head. The escalator thing cracked me up, although I know it wasn't funny at the time. I am just glad you made it home safe and sound. Did you know during this past week a tornado hit the St. Louis airport and damaged it so much, they had to close it down. I don't know if St. Louis has more than one airport or not but I thought of you when I saw it on the news, thank goodness you were already home and missed all of that.


OMG!! I knew it was going to be a good story and I was giggling up to the point where I just knew you were going to bail - ouch!! What an adventure!! Perfect layout. Perfect blog story. I would have freaked out trying to figure out how to get home too. I have zero sense of direction as it is.

Glad you made it back safe :)

Tammy Cappolina

Hilarious! Glad you had Carla to "fall" back on! You two have THE BEST stories of your meetings with each other - first at the infomercial shoot & now this!

I just got home from Florida about 2 hours ago (was there for Easter break) & it was such a boring flight compared to your story.

Krista Lund

great lo! the style is beautiful! love the title...slice? sticker?

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