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April 11, 2011



Great post & video.

I do love the ease and detail that SLICE provides in cutting fabric for quilting, fibre-arts, etc.. Definitely makes applique quilting more fun and creative.



I just loved this project!! Thanks for all the tips! I still have to give fabric a try :)

Courtney Walsh

These flowers are sooo cute! I always shy away from using machines like this but clearly I'm missing out!! :)


Those are adorable! As always, love your ideas!

Sara Rossi

I didn't know I could use the orginal Slice for fabric....might be tempted now to give it a try!


I love when you share Slice ideas. I am loving my new Elite. Definitely a BIG improvement from an already great product.
Wanted to also say that I loved your layouts in the CK Feb issue (yes, I just got my Feb issue-how crazy is that?) They are GREAT layouts. Into my Laura Vegas folder..ha!

Krista Lund

oh boy! add this to my wishlist. i love those fabric flowers!


Oooo!!! I did not know I could cut fabric with my old Slice!! This would be fun to try!!! I could make some little onesies and such - three neighbors are expecting! :) Love your flowers!

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