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April 25, 2011



Great cleaning tips. I LOVE the handsfree attachment!

I generally use a Cricut adhesive sheet, placed on top of my cutting mat and under the Slice unit. This way I never actually have to clean up anything, after a billion uses I just throw away the sheet. I keep wondering if Slice has any adhesive sheets in the works. I'm not a fan of dealing with the mess of cleaning repositional spray adhesive, nor the spread-on liquid adhesive.

Geralyn Lupo

Thanks for the cleaning tip. I will try it next time my mat needs cleaning. I too go several weeks and even months between cleaning my mat. I cover mine with a piece of wax paper in between uses.

Elvira ketterling

Thanks so much for the info. It's going to save me some time, and I won't think twice to use my slice for small projects.


hi laura: i love love love my handsfree mat. and, that's a great tip about using a Mr. Clean magic eraser to clean the mat - thanks for sharing!

UR friend Carla

Great ideas here girl!! Never thought of the magic eraser! I agree on helpful the hands free is for accurate cuts!

Cindy Fahrbach

Great tips, Laura - you're the best. TFS!

Suzanne Sergi

Thanks for the tips!!!


I haven't go hands-free yet, but I'm considering it. I wasn't convinced, when it first came out, that it was worth the money. But the more accurate cuts seem great! Thanks for sharing tips. Now I'll know how to clean it when I do eventually get one.

Jo-Ann Kaschak

Thanks, great tip.

Jennifer Wilson

thanks for the tip on cleaning the mat. I cover my mat with saran wrap in between cuts. I often go a month or more between finding time and it is still very sticky under the saran wrap.

Sara Rossi

Great tips! I never would've thought of the magic eraser!


I love my Slice and am glad to get helpful tips such as this.


Thanks for posting tips! I'm glad to know about the masking tape in case I ever try spray adhesive. Spreading the liquid adhesive is fun to me, silly I know, so that's what I've bought. To clean it off the mat I liberally spray it with water and wipe it off with a paper towel. The water re-liquefies it so it's easy to wipe off. I only wipe toward the center of the mat so I don't ever need to clean the crack! I got some in there once and you're right, it's annoying.
Between uses I cover it with a sheet of thick acetate.

Sharry Knight

Awesome tip for cleaning! It would be nice if you could just slide the glass out of the frame and wash it really well and then slide it back into the frame...but, oh well.
I love my hands free mat.


I tried this and LOVE the way my adhesive came off so easily! Just a word of caution, the 1st time I used what I had on hand too, it happen to be the bathroom eraser and it had something in the middle (chemical) that made my mat so it wouldnt hold the adhesive. It was fine after I cleaned it off with something else. I did try it with the original eraser later and had no problems.

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