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May 12, 2011



this is so cute and fun. way to go on all her awards, that is so awesome that she gets so much from her school and loves learning. sorry to hear the allergies are bothering her, poor thing.


Wow- what a week. She is rocking those awards lately. And I bet Mom couldn't be any more proud. Way to go Alyssa! Hope you are feeling better soon and please eat an Oreo for me...way over here in Pennsylvania!


This is so cool, Laura. I think I am going to borrow your idea. My 7th grader is doing so well in school (and also LOVES LOVES LOVES oreos!). She works so hard on her school work. Has been on the honor roll since starting jr. high.

Congrats to Alyssa!!! She is doing great in school!!! I know you are so proud of her!!

btw I ordered the Bravissimo disk for the slice. :)

Sara Rossi

Way to go Alyssa!! Congrats on your awards! (Hope your allergies clear up soon!)

CUTE jar! I've seen the Bravissimo at M's-so cute!

wendy sue

Wow, what a smartie pants! Great work Alyssa! And that jar is super cute - what a sweet way to recognize her accomplishments! :o) (hope she feels better soon!)

Heather Crawford

Just too cute!


What a cute idea! Congratulations Alyssa - that is awesome!!


What an awesome idea! Congrats to all the success :)

Shemaine Smith

This is a great and yummy idea for a special treat! Love the Bravissimo collection. Way to go Alyssa!!

Lynda P

Congrats to your "14"year old! That's really cool that they have awards, I dOnt think my sons HS continues the awards like the grammar/middle school. But can u believe their 1st yr of high school is just about done! Way fast-
Congrats & hope she enjoys the whole jar of Oreos!


this is so adorable girl1! Congrats to Alyssa! I know you are super proud of her. Hope she feels better soon!

Kelly Rodgers

Well done to your beautiful girl - and what a gorgeous treat for her xxx

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