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May 10, 2011



I have mini albums stored/showcased in an antique sewing machine drawer. It's the perfect size!

Lori P

I like to store my buttons and small items in little glass jars. I would love to win a copy of this!!!


I keep my thickers in a flat plastic container that holds two rows, side by side. It makes it so easy to flip through them to find what I need. My scraproom needs a makeover and I have been eyeing those Ikea shelves. This magazine would definately help with that.

Lynda P

I don't have a scraproom. I split my stuff between my closet & mini van - lol. I do alot of shopping @ thrift stores for unique storage items . My recent purchase were some cute spice jars that I now use to put buttons & beads in-

Brenda Hofman

I store my buttons in the embroidery floss keepers. Four of them stacked in a neat box holder that I spray painted yellow to match my craft room.


I'm a sucker too for these magazines! I will probably have to run out and buy it! I bet you miss seeing your scraproom when you get up in the morning. I'm sure it is nice having it downstairs, though, and you can run in there when you have a free second. And if there is a mess, you can just close the door! Storage tip...I like to use Ikea boxes to hold embellishments by brand, not theme. I also love the cubes that have the drawer with the dividers, because they easily fit the Doodlebug and KI embellishments that I hoard.

Julie W.

I am in the process of moving, so this issue is certainly on my list! My tip is to store things in the way you use them. I search for colors, so I sort by color into plastic drawers.


I've recently incorporated pieces of my Grandmother's old china. These are chipped pieces that we wouldn't be able to eat out of, but having them in my space gives me the gentle reminder of her. I've got my twine samples stored in the old gravy boat and bits and pieces are stored in a cup and saucer.


I love looking at other people's spaces. I'm in the process of cleaning/reorganzing right now. My favorite storage is a collection of old mismatched drawers and a an old soda bottle crate. I thought it would be a good idea to put all my vintage/ephmera goodies in there, since the drawers are antique.


Empty Tic Tac containers are great for brads & eyelets. And I repurposed a thread rack as my homemade clip it up.

Suzanne Sergi

I love organizing books, and cannot wait to see this one! I keep all my thickers on a clip it up, so it easy to see the colors I have on hand!
I hope your day is great!


I use embroidery floss keepers to store all my little embellishments. One keeper per color. So easy to just pick and go. Definitely one of my fav organizing solutions! Thanks for the chance to win!


I love organizing... just wish I could settle on one method! I'm constantly evolving and changing it, and my room is still a MESS! :) My favorite tip is stamps in CD holders, then in a CD rack on the wall... mine aren't there yet, but they will be one day! I also keep my stamp pads in an old wooden cassette holder box.

Brenda Johnston

I store all my ribbon wrapped on little cards meant to hold embroidery floss and in the little box meant to hold those cards. Then it's easy to tote with my if I go to a crop!

Felicia Young

I store my clear stamps in baseball card holders and bigger clear stamps in page protectors, then I put them in a binder so that I easily flip through them to see which ones to use. The cool thing is this binder fits right on the shelf and if you need to adjust the size of your page protectors you can customize them by cutting them and sewing up where needed.


No great tips from me. I need all the organizational help I can get!

debbie susee

I store my chipboard letters by letter, not by style or manufacturer. I'm sure everyone has already heard of this but it has helped me tremendously.


Keep your go to items close at hand. Love the look of this new book!


I use small ceramic pots, all lined up, and fill them with my tools, scissors, pencils, pens, markers... Looks very pretty!


I had 100's of skeins of floss from my cross stitching days (which have been taken over with sb'ing). I gave 1/2 of that floss away to a friend and use the empty floss container to store my brads in. When a candle jar burns down the last of the wax, I wash it out and put buttons in it. My room is always ever-evolving!! I would love to see some new ideas. My room still isn't the way I would like.


I can always use more help to organize all my craft supplies and the looks of this cool magazine could really help me out.
Thanks for the chance to win!


Can't wait to see your space! I need some inspiration! I saw someone do this and am doing this for myself - creating a binder with little swatches of all my inks and sprays. Now I can see what I have (didn't realize how many pinks I had!) and be able to match for a project.


I love Ikeas canvas & plastic storage bins that fit perfectly in their expedit shelving. This is where I keep my work in progress supplies & projects where I put kits together in regards to topic.
I too love seeing organized spaces so I can dream that one day mine may look clean & organized.

UR friend Carla

I have many ideas but my most recent is putting my most recent purchases in a fun bowl.

donna c

i picked up jars just like yours for my stuff! i am renovating right now and the scrap room is the only room i won't let them touch! love the magazine articles on storage. i can hardly wait to see this copy!

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