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May 08, 2011



This is so sweet laura, love seeing you with the girls. You have done a wonderful job raising them. Enjoy your day with them and yes get more pictures of them and of you with them again.


These are so cute!! I love those cheesy smiles!! I get them all the time too from my kids. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!


oh-how-cute are they!! Sarah sure is a lively one and is just how I picture her!
Cute layouts too girl! Happy Mothers Day!


Still laughing out loud about the video! This is funny stuff that you definately have to save to show years from now LOL!


Love love love it!! What program does she use to make her videos? We are getting our almost 12 year old a video camera for his birthday. He loves to make videos on his flip--but the program isn't compatible with Windows Movie Maker which we have. Anyway...Thanks for sharing. Happy Mom's Day! Your girls are adorable.


Happy Mother's Day Laura!
Our girls are such special blessings....
Being a Mom had made my life so worthwhile!


Hi Laura: Hope you had a great Mother's Day! Adorable layouts, as always! I think the Zany one is my fave :)


Loved the videos! Good job girls! In both the acting and editing! I know your Mom is so thankful that you put the clips together into a movie, Sarah!! I can't wait until my kids can do that with all the videos that are currently just taking up space on my hard drive!!!

Lynn Ghahary

oh. my. word. I just wanna take those girls home with me! They are stinkin' adorable! Happy Mother's Day to one of the coolest moms I know! :)

Suzanne Sergi

Gorgeous girls, and I love their grins!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!!

wendy sue

How cute are those girlies?!? Fun pages - and a perfect way to sum up Mother's Day...lots of sharing about the cute girls who make you a mommy! :o)

Sara Rossi

Happy Mother's Day! Love looking back on older LO's & re-living the memories. Hope your day was great!

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