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June 01, 2011



Can't say enough about my hands-free mat!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I also LOVE my Zootopia disk!! I really like the new layering they have been adding to their disks for the slice! This is so darn cute, Laura! I love how you popped everything up, giving it even more dimension. Googly eyes are perfect! It gives your animals such character.

Megan Hoeppner

Just got my first Slice. Loving it! It's such a fun tool. Thanks for the cute ideas on how to use it. I can't wait to get this cartridge. :)


yep, I totally need that hands free kit! adorable zoo page :)

Anna K.

I totally love the hands free kit. I will never go back to the regular mat. I am thinking about getting the 6x6 magnetic mat for traveling.

Sara Rossi

What a fun LO! Got my PINK hands-free mat to go with my PINK Slice! Love it!

Rebecca Fellows

This is so cute. You're one of my go-to girls for Slice ideas. :). I love my hands free kit, too. As a side note, I just watched one of the CK videos. I really like how you incorporated those hidden photos into your layouts. Cute cute!


I'm wondering what "hands free" to buy?? Does it matter if it's green or pink?? I have the Slice Fabrique and am a quilter.

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