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June 29, 2011


Bev Wilding

Feel better soon.

Amanda J

Take it easy!! Hope you get feeling better soon!!! Can't wait to hear your new news!! :)

ana roat

Hi Laura-
Hope you're feeling better soon and have a great 4th!

Rebekah had the baby and boy is she ever cute!!!


I was sure it was going to be me. Congrats to the lucky winner.

I hope YOU feel better soon. Take it easy and enjoy the holiday weekend. Happy 4th "see" you next week :)

Kathy C.

Yippee, I won!!! I am so, so excited. I can't thank you enough. Truly, thank you. Sorry to hear about your surgery. Surgery really knocks you out for a few days. Hope you're feeling better soon. Can't wait to hear your exciting news.

Kim M

Sorry about your surgery but I am sure you will be feeling better soon, can't wait to hear your news!


Sorry to hear about your surgery but glad you will feel better in a few days from it. Take your time no rush. I'm so excited to hear your news, can't wait till Friday what torture your giving me. I'm sure it will be exciting and fun though. Take care.

Congrats to the winner, have fun in the class.


Oh hope you feel better very quickly and I can't wait to hear your news Laura!

Sara Rossi

Hope you recover quick & painlessly! That just can't be fun. I'm sure the family is taking super good care of you! Looking forward to the exciting news!!

jen shears

feel better soon- and be sure to follow the post op directions!!!


Thanks fir the well wishes ana! And tell rebekah a big congrats on her new baby girl!

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Oh, Laura, that's right, you were having that hernia surgery! I'm sorry that you are in pain, and I hope you recover quickly. Try to take it easy (easier said than done!) I can't wait to hear your big news!!!

Anne F

Sorry to hear about your surgery. Hope you are better soon and you're not confined to bed rest or anything. Take care of yourself!!

Cindy Johnston

Hope you're on the mend Laura! Take it easy and I look forward to hearing about your news/opportunity! :)

Marcie L

Shoot, I thought today was Friday, but alas it is only Thursday and I will have to wait to hear your news! Hope your recovery is swift and uneventful!


Hope you are feeling better real soon :)

Can't wait to read about your news - sounds exciting!! I just saw your soccer lo in CK the other day - it was great inspiration!! Love the wallet look - you got some many pics on one lo and it still looks clean - love that!

Laurie LaRiviere

sorry to hear you had to have surgery, that's never fun, but at least it's taken care of and now you can recover...feel better soon...:)


Oh gosh!! Sorry to hear about the surgery!! I hope you are starting to feel better!! Take care of yourself and rest up! Have an awesome holiday weekend!!! :)


Feel better soon, Laura!!!!! Sending hugs to you and CONGRATS on your new opportunity! That's awesome!!! :-)
Amy in CA

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