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July 20, 2011



You're amazing! I don't know how you find time to do all the things you do. I'll go sign up for the BB blog now.

Kim Thomas

I'm so happy for you. I love your work, and I've been cheering for you. Good luck with Bella Blvd. Their product lines are beautiful!

Sandi Neumann

so pretty. I bet you had so much fun working this this new line.


Now that you took over BB I find myself looking and peeking through out the day (like if you have nothing to do but post on the blog all day)to see if anything new has been posted. Your doing a great job.


the booth is SO pretty and tons of gorgeous projects!!! Love!
you are doing an amazing job Laura! I miss you as a blogger and even more as friend! Hurry back girl :)

Sara Rossi

You know I'll be here whenever you get to blog! ;) I voted--Bella is the obvious winner in my opinion!! ;)


What an amazing job they all did with the Booth...LOVELY! Seems like everyone is busy at Bella Blvd lately. And I personally think you are doing an AWESOME job with the BB blog. But then I think you are Fabulous anyway...lol! So for me, I am super excited because I am loving Bella Blvd lately and now I can see you 2 places instead of 1...
Have a great Sunday!

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