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July 22, 2011



this is sweet laura, great way for her to play. little zachary looks so serious/funny with glasses on. whatever keeps them busy i say as long as it's safe.

Laurie LaRiviere

How nice of you to share your supplies with the kiddos...my Zachary just started using my stamps and I just posted some pics on my blog of him stamping, so fun! Miss Haley's card came out beautiful :) Good idea with the sticky paper.


So fun, Laura. Reminds me of the time I gave my little ones paintbrushes and a pitcher of water and told them to paint the fence. They were busy for an hour a day the rest of the summer.

Diana Waite

so cute that she makes those button cards! And the potato glasses are CLASSIC-totally makes me giggle! :)

Sandi Neumann

you always such a good care giver:) bless you:)

Shemaine Smith

Love that! Now that Lily is 4 (her b-day was Monday) I have been searching out crafts we can do together. I saw some really neat things at the show and can't wait to find them in stores.


How fun! And totally cool of you!


how cute!


love when you share pics of the kiddies...glad to see miss Haley again. Of course I think she is so dear because that is my DD's name too....love what she created and oh, I miss those crafty-type days with my own miss Haley....thanks for sharing!

wendy bretz

LOL!!! love this!

Krista Lund

a girl after my own heart! buttons, green ones- even better! and crafting! love it!
i esp. love the lil guy in mr potato head's glasses. super cute!!

Anne F

That button card is so cute, but I LOVE the picture of the li'l man in the Mr. Potato Head glasses. Priceless!

Sara Rossi

What a cute story! She looks so happy with her card!


You totally need to submit the pic of the Mr. Potato Head cutie into a photo contest. It is a fantastic shot!! :)

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