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July 25, 2011


ana roat

Hi Laura-After a 13 year break we're going back to Disneyland and taking the new grand baby. I am so excited that I can't hardly stand it! I also have some great pictures of our 4th of July family celebration where we had both kids (and their families) with us. Mighty good summer if you ask me!!!


I am looking forward to getting both kids' birthdays scrapped (one at Santa Cruz, one at raging waters). Thank you for the chance to win! Looks like a great issue!

Patty C

This summer I am determined to get photos of our trip to Ireland in an album. I would love some inspiration and this book looks great for that.


Photos of a family reunion since my siblings are scattered across the country and it is rare to have us all together. Thanks so much.


I have baseball and softball photos that I am looking forward to scrapping.


I could always use some tips and tricks!!! I am looking forward to scapping my beach photos!

Laura Stewart

July 4th!

debbie susee

I'm looking forward to scrapping a weekend trip to the beach that my husband and I took for our 20th anniversary.


I can't wait to scrap our trip to Newport and Boston for my husband's nephews wedding in 3 weeks. It is a black tie affair and it will be the first time my son has worn a suit.


I love all their Tips and Tricks issues.... do you know if they offer a subscription super-sized to include these? That would be awesome!

Laura Bruynell

I have plenty of pool photos of the grandkids that I need to get scrapped. Would love to win this issue!

Amy W.

I am looking forward to scrapping all our fun summer pictures. I can't wait to scrap all my Zoo, Amusement park, Entertraiment Junction, and pool pics. My kids were so happy to pose for the pics this year, so I have a ton of great shots. :) Thanks for the chance to win!


Let's see...our fav summer photos would be of our travels and of our home- can you say TONS of yardwork and projects. This looks like another great T & T issue. I have loved every one so far. Thanks for the chance to win Laura. And you know, I can't wait to see your projects in this issue...wooooo hooooo!
Smiles from PA!


My step-daughter is getting married this Saturday in South Lake Tahoe and hoping that the pictures are beautiful and will be making her a scrapbook for sure. The reception is in August and it'll be an outside bbq with all of our family and friends and of course those will be getting scrapped too! lol :)

Angie Blom

Oh now this is just wonderful.. I am doing the week in a life this week and I am looking forward to scrapping all week starting today with some Birthday photo's of our day.. me and the hubby celebrate our birthday's today!! this would be a great win!! thanks for a chance.. love your 2 page layout. xx


WOW--these layouts are perfect for me! We just got back from the beach; all four of my kids play soccer and we have a Hallwoeen birthday! Love all of the ideas!


Oh that is a beautiful page!!! I love the design!! For me scrapping some zoo pics, slip n slide, pool and garden photos. We go to the zoo so often. I swear I could have quite a few albums filled with photos from all of our trips. Pretty much a staycation this summer.


I've been so busy at work that I'd be happy to get anything scrapped. I am trying out Ali's WITL project this week. We will see how that goes. Thanks for a chance to win.

Victoria in OHio

awww could be our NY trip to Buffalo and Alex Bay or could be our trip to Wisconsin water park. we have had a fun summer!

April W

Awesome giveaway!! The Summer pics I'm really looking forward to scrapping right now are the ones I took yesterday at my Aunt's pool. My awesome hubby just got me a waterproof digital camera and I got some amazing shots!
- April W

Michele S

Wow! I could really use this issue. I'm working on 2 cruise albums and also have a ton of pool photos from this summer.

Tammy Cappolina

Just took some pics today up on the boardwalk. We rented a surrey for the first time. Thanks for the chance.


I get to spend 2 months with my family in California this summer so I hope to have a ton of family photos to scrap. So far I've got lots of flag football and skateboard photos. I really liked your soccer layouts last week and hope to do something like that with the football pics although I've only got 2 years worth (so far). Thanks for all your inspiration!

Jennifer DeWolfe

I'm looking forward to doing all the camping photos we have taken so far. We always have a great time and scrapping them always bring back those memories :) thanks for the chance to win!

mary jo

Looking forward to scrapping our family vacation to the lake. Thanks!

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