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July 05, 2011



Girl, this is such a cute layout and the scalloped pockets with all the tags is just SO creative! I love tags but get stuck on how to lay them out without looking wierd, lol!
When are those films gonna air?

Amanda J

LOVE LOVE LOVE this layout!! I always love the look of pockets, but have never actually tried them cuz I didn't want items "hidden" I love how you can still see what you put in there! I may very well be scraplifting this one!! So glad you are starting to get back in the swing of things...take it slow and easy though! We will all still be here when you get back! :)

Sara Rossi

Love the fun look of the pockets! And your stitching is awesome! Glad you're doing a little better, but take it easy. Be here when you are.


love that layout, the pockets are a great idea and can come in handy for all kinds of little things...I am thinking my little guy's artwork...glad you are feeling better, and by the way, I am LOVING photoshop, so much fun, now my gallery and blog look SO much better...what took me so long? lol


I like...must try. TFS


I love the little staples- I always forget to use them! You are busy!!! I hope you are recuperating well and get everything caught up that you need to. Off to check out the Bella Blog!

Natalie (QSOgirl)

You shouldn't feel bad at all about taking time off from blogging to get yourself back to 100%!! I hope that you feel better soon.

This layout is super cute... I make a lot of hidden pockets on my layouts, but I need to remember that I can show them off, too.

Suzanne Sergi

I love this happy page, and the pockets! Great design! I hope you feel better, and get some rest(: See you back here Monday(;


I am a little late jumping onto the "congratulations" wagon...but CONGRATS!! I hope this new adventure brings you happiness! You are an amazingly talented lady, and they are lucky to have nabbed you. :)


So cute! Love the idea. Totally going to steal this, k? You've been warned. ;)


this is so cool laura, i love love tags and the colors and added touches to them are all wonderful. no need to apologize for time off, you are a hard worker and spoil us on your blog. Take the time off and enjoy, feel better and especially enjoy the summer weather with your girls. hugs and smiles for you.

Diana Waite

this is so clever! I really like how you included all the tags and pockets. Take care and don't over do! :) (yes, I am a mom!) good luck with your projects and the little people. :)


Love the layout and pocket idea!!
Get rested Laura, and so glad your girls are helping out with the little ones!


super cute!!!


Hi laura: i have no idea how you get so much in a day - running a daycare, raising your kids, creating awesome scrappiness, and keeping up with your blog... among many, many other things I'm sure. don't push yourself too hard as you take a blog break - relax and rest up as much as you can!! :)

Krista Lund

super cool! love how the assignment of "pp and pockets" inspired you. that is what i need to help me focus.
ok, what surery? with vacation i am out of the loop! i am going to keep reading to catch up.


I had minor surgery to repair an umbilical hernia. I felt like I was on my death bed for about 6 days, but Im totally back to normal now. So glad I had it fixed. Im behind on things too, what with surgery, taking over bella blvd stuff, and CHA stuff. Trying to catch up. Still want to post some pics from your workshop :)

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