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July 17, 2011


Suzanne Sergi

Laura, this is such a great page! I love how you showcased all the photos on your design! Fantastic(: your girls are so gorgeous, and look like All Stars(: good luck to them this season!!!


this is such a fun layout, love seeing them grow up all one layout. they are so cute when little and gorgeous all grown up. I should do this with my son's photos too. your action photos are awesome by the way, love seeing their game faces. we are full soccer family also with my son and hoping to play again in the fall. i have to get me some of those soccer buttons, so cute. good luck this season.


"luckily, they liked what i created enough to want to publish it in the magazine" you have such a great sense of humor. :) of COURSE they'll love it! :)

Laurie LaRiviere

wow, Laura! impressive layout with all those photos, you must be organized to have kept them all available to use, wish I was like that! Layout is beautiful, we'll be getting the call for fall baseball soon, summer baseball just ended... no breaks for moms, but the kids love it!


this is so so cool!!! I love this!! I have seen those soccer stickers around too!! :) How neat that you have all these photos of them over the years. Laura played for about 3 years. But she is not the aggressive/assertive type. I wish I would of signed Ben up to play this summer. It would of been so fun to watch him. Next year for sure! Brit.. well.. she is more into tennis. I just can't convince her to try out for a team.

Diana Waite

this is GREAT! I think I might just have to do this for my soccer stars! It will be hard just choosing one photo though! :)


Ok this is just to adorable. Totally have to make a progressive page like this.


That is a good back story and your right there should be no pastel pink for soccer jerseys - lol!

Staci@tales from the s*crap*room

Love this layout. It is so versatile and can be used for any sport. Great idea for my kids' tball & softball pics.

Sara Rossi

There is just something about having all the years lined up that makes this extra special. Love seeing the girls "grow" right before my eyes! And I like seeing all the details that you can't see in the magazine! ;)


Love this layout and love how you can watch them change through the years. I think you and Joe need layouts too as well :)

Sarah Klemish

Just LOVE the progression of pictures! I played soccer growing up and LOVED it! Your girls are sooooo beautiful!
LOVE the layout too! Perfection!

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