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July 26, 2011



what a fun colored layout and design. i love all of this, different from most black/white soccer layouts. how cool that joe got to help both of them.

you have a trainer for the team, that's pretty serious, didn't know they did that in schools. i think that's a big age gap for teams too, ours isn't like that. we have sign-ups right now also but some shocking news about our coach is putting a spin on our sign ups. good luck to all of you in the next season.


Good morning Laura! Another great design. And love the story behind it. No doubt about it, the girls are growing so fast...why can't time stand still just for a little while....btw, what font do you use? I notice you use this one alot. Looks great, as always...
Now off to Bella Blvd blog....ha!
Smiles from PA!

Laurie LaRiviere

love your layout Laura, your pages have such a classic feel, always nice to look at! Soccer sounds like it's your family's sport, my son usually plays soccer in the fall, but is doing baseball this year now that he's starting high school, my daughter does lots of dance classes, in fact we have dance 5 days a week coming this fall...busy bee I will be...lol...

Shemaine Smith

Love this! Great colors and design! I lost all Scott's soccer pics from last season when my computer crashed...at least one of the other parents takes lots like me.


love it -- actually I think I like this layout better than the first one!

Krista Lund

i love how well this layout works. i love using digital templates over and over again- mabe rotating it or decreasing the size, etc.

Suzanne Sergi

Love this page! Sounds like both girls are in for a fabulous season(:


that soccer ball is SO perfect! Cute LO and I love that star paper! Nice and subtle...

Anne F

Wow, love this layout - the colors, pictures, and soccer ball are perfect! Btw, I totally remember that blue sticker from MM! I have it buried in my stash somewhere...


I definitely agree about re-using sketches. I keep a journal of sketches, with the source of the sketch, date, and what page I made from it. Sometimes I go back and use old favorites. I love having them all in one organized place!

Diana Waite

love the layout!! :)

Sara Rossi

If it ain't broke don't fix it--that goes for using designs over again as well! Great LO! Great pics of Joe & the girls!


Hi Laura: Another great page, not surprising! :) I really like the linear look of this layout, very eye-appealing.

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