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July 29, 2011


Courtney Walsh

I LOVE this!!! So clean and the details are perfect! :)


awesome! now i want to create something today.

Sara Rossi

What a BRILLIANT idea!!! Love love LOVE the accordian folds! At first I thought the photo strip was just pop dotted until you opened it up. So need to try this....


Love the accordian folded booklet on this lo! I've got to give it a try. TFS


Looks great!


while reading it, i was like, "where's the accordian thingy? did i miss something?!?" i quickly re-read & re-looked at the photos, read on and had a duh! moment! but thats an awesome lo and idea! thanks!

April W

Wow Laura that is seriously COOL!
- April

Leslie Murphy

Laura, this is FABULOUS!

Diana Waite

this is just SO clever!


love that accordian folder!!! So creative! Love this girl!


seriously?? this is genious!! (sp??)


you are truly amazing and talented my friend. love this layout and the accordian is so cool.

Laurel S

Wow, you are so amazing and inspiring!

Stephanie Buice

Laura, such a great idea! One of those "now why didn't I think of that" kinds, Love it!

Heather Ruwe

so cool laura! :)


Hi Laura: This is super!! I am loving the hidden pics in the accordion fold! You are so creative! :) I have been trying to figure out to sneak more pics into my wedding album... I will definitely borrow this idea!


Very clever. An unexpected treat.

Suzanne Sergi

Fabulous, Fabulous idea! Love it to pieces. (:


The accordion feature on this layout is wicked cute!


This is the cutest thing ever!!! What a cool idea! Definitely one I have been knocking around trying, but with 4x6 photos as that is what I have. I love the photos of him!! Love his little chunky leggers! I love that you document all of this of your day care kids. Then the parents aren't missing out on all these firsts. Do you keep all of these pages or do you give them to the parents?

MaryAnn  N

lovely projects. Having those cute picttures of course is a big help.

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