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August 16, 2011



I agree that you could scrap 100 photos in a night, not me though. These are both great ideas and they look fun and colorful. Both of these ideas are good theme ones.

Over the weekend at Wal-Mart I picked up the CK to look at and it opened right to your first l/o here and I thought how cool it was so it's nice to see it here and your thoughts. Thanks for always sharing.


I love that sun in the second layout! So cute!

Heather Crawford

Well, you know I love these layouts ;)
Thanks for sharing the templates..and I'll be recreating these soon..


I could easily scrap 100 photos in an evening...IF I had that many printed. That is such a hang up for me right now. I really dislike taking time out to sort thru files, selecting ones to print and then printing them. But all is not lost- I love my Epson printer so much that I keep going back again and again...ha! Now- to just have a years supply of ink. Wouldn't that be nice? Your layouts are again just wonderful. I continue to be inspired week after week. And I LOVED the Bella BLVD newsletter. I am sure alot of work- but oh so NICE!
Smiles from PA!

Becky Williams

100 in an evening? That would be amazing. You did an incredible job on this!

Sandi Neumann

You are the queen of lovely layouts!!! Thanks for sharing your time and talents.

Jamie Harper

Ok this is SERIOUSLY the best blog post ever. So inspiring, and so easy to do. I really like your approach, very easy to find 10 photos that sum up a moment!!!

Kathy (krolski)

Your LOs are super cute! I love the Silhouette titles and the pics are fantastic!


Always inspiring! Thanks for the templates and ideas. Love the concept of 100 photos in an evening, but I love taking my time too. . . . The kids are all growing up too fast, you know?


Ok.. this is such a cool concept! Now wishing I didn't have a backlog of photos printed. I would so do it!!! I think it is very doable!!! These are such great pages!!!


This is a brilliant idea, Laura! I'm always inspired by ideas that help me see the possibility of being able to scrap more of the huge number of photos I have..:)

Eileen Van Dyke

OMG, I totally love the layouts you did! I so want to do this, now if everyone could just leave me alone so I could work on them - LOL!

Melonie Madison

Love the idea of challenging myself to scrap 100 photos in one night:) Love the design you used too!

Courtney Walsh

oh, I love this!! I love grids to begin with, but anything that lets you fit lots of pictures on a page is brilliant! Such adorable designs too!! I just love your style!


I loved this article! ... def. some great ideas and thanks for the templates, girlie! :)


fabulous stuff Laura!!

Julie Jones



Thanks for the templates Laura! Love your clean simple style of scrapping!

Cindy S

I was SO wondering how you did the " moments" part of your LO when I read the article, so glad I stumbled on your blog! maybe I need to re-think getting an electronic cutter. TY for the inspiration!

Sara Rossi

So love these both! Such a great way to scrap a ton of pics! Love them!

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