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September 29, 2011



This is so fun!!! I like how you strung out the places you have been. Love the swirly orange piece and Kerri's cuts!! She has so many fun things to cut!! I don't like to fly. I have been out your way, once. 14 yrs ago. Flew into the Frisco airport. Hung out on the wharf for the day. Drove to Sacramento and spent a few days there. Then up to Chico for six days. Back down to Santa Rosa over night with a trip to Bodega Bay then back to Frisco. Watched 4th of July fireworks off the Golden Gate and flew home on the red eye. 10 days in Cali. We even drove up to Mt. Lassen and went hiking during our 6 days in Chico. It was a fun 10 days.

Jen Day

This is sooo COOL! I have a none picture layout brewing in my head and now you inspired me to go for it!

jen shears

it turned out awesome!! :)


This is really creative and so fun to look at!! I love this, thanks for sharing!!


OMG Love Love this.


Very cool! Love the brads and string going to the places you've been and that plane rocks!!

Jennifer O.

I really like this. And before you remarked that it didn't have any photos, I hadn't even noticed. Brilliant!


love, love, LOVE the map with the strings and destinations!!! Great photo-less layout!!

Becky Williams

That is so cool, and I love how you used the string to pinpoint locations on the map!


Thanks Becky :)

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Diana Waite

what an ABSOLUTELY cool layout--seriously!!


OMG I'm in love with this!!! So many cute ideas and I love the string...it looks so pretty since its all going to the right and down...and WOW, that's a very long string to Chicago and NC :)
What great cuts this are from Kerri, super cute!!!

Laurel S

Wow, I love this layout!



Natalie (QSOgirl)

This layout is so cool! And the type-A in me just LOVES that you color-coded the brad city markers :)

Sara Rossi

Seriously my friend, you never fail to amaze me! This has so much technique & the most amazing thing of all is the 2 pg non photo part! This is just too cool....if I did something like this my strings would mostly be to FL! LOL!!


OMG you totally rocked this layout laura!! I agree with Sara above in that you NEVER FAIL TO AMAZE ME!! What a cool idea to show all your plane trips. This is sooooo clever and fun!!

Now if only you could fly out to my coast and teach some classes, would love love to see you.

Laura T.

What a great idea for a layout! Love it. You need to make one of your stops to NYC or New Jersey.

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