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December 06, 2011



I love to give cookies wrapped in handmade containers.. Who doesn't love for Christmas?!


Thanks for the chance to win! Every year I wind up giving away the starbucks bottles full of candy and all scrapped up and I also love to scrap the altiod boxes. Both are always a big hit!

Sue D

Great variety of gift ideas--thanks! I like to give homemade caramel corn as a gift.



These boxes are so beautiful. Love the card boxes. What a fabulous idea. Thanks for letting me know when your post for today was up. Love your work. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

Cheryl L

I love to make ornaments!!! The ones that use the Mop and Glow and glitter!! Thanks for the chance to win and LOVE your projects.

carol in seattle :)

This year I'm making aprons for all four of my kids. My oldest (20) moved out last spring and my three littles love to help me cook. I'm so excited to give them their aprons!


I like to make sets of cards as gifts. I just made some photo boxes literally last night!

Kate aka stinkydudette

Super cute projects! Would you believe, I have a library full of shapes but not Cameo? lol... Hoping Santa will bring me one this year cos I've ben a really good girl! Even if he doesn't, I'm still gonna get one! Haha...

Sara Rossi

Those are the cutest ways to give gifts! Love them! REAALLLY want a Silouette, ENABLER! ;)


Love the gift boxes, especially the one that holds extra photos. I'll have to do that for my sister-in-law. Every year I like to make calendars as gifts with photos from the previous year.

Diana A. in Omaha NE

I try to make cookies or almond bark pretzels... love the boxes.


Laura, I love your boxes! So cute! As far as Christmas gifts, I have made CD case calendars the past few years- I got the files from Shabby Princess and just add the pictures. I don't think I will be having time to do them this year- I might have some disappointed peeps- everyone seems to love them!

ana roat

My favorite are cookies, cookies and more cookies...especially biscotti with a bit of coffee, tea or hot chocolate to the side. The individually wrapped cookies are best since they stay fresh until the receiver is ready to enjoy!

peggy grant

I like taking spoons, dipped in melted chocolate, add peppermint sprinkles, cover with clear wrapping and tie with red ribbon...then dip into your hot cocoa or coffee...the chocolate melts and gives that sweet taste that llingers!

Marilyn Bronson

I love giving paper crafted mini notebooks to all my neighbors. I love your projects and just got a Silhouette Cameo. Can't wait to learn the cutting process. Merry Christmas!

Chris Dring

These projects are amazing! Love them all! I love to give brownie mix presented in mason jars. (where you layer all the dry ingredients). Add a hand made tag and wham-bam-thank-you-mam! Instant gift! LOL! Thanks for the chance to win!


OMG! All of these projects are so clever and gorgeous! wish I knew a golfer so I could make that box! lol!

Cherie Goyer

Super cute! these are all fabulous ideas! I love the photo holder!! I usually am a baker and love to bake things for people, and giving them the recipes! Its the best of both worlds! food and paper :)


I love your projects. Thanks for sharing them.

Wendy Crowe

Love the photo holders! This is great for the guys who don't like photo albums. What a great idea~

Janet S

I love to make homemade dog biscuits to all my pet loving friends. Thanks for the giveaway!


Since having kids I love to give out gifts with their handprints on them to the grandparents. Its easy, fun to make, and so loved by my parents and in-laws!

Thanks for all the amazing ideas this week!

Cynthia B.

Awesome! I especially love the golf ball box - that distressed "play hard" cut is SO cool.
Handmade gifts...I don't make a bunch, but I LOVE to bake banana bread and brownies, so that's what I always give to neighbors for the holidays - packaged nicely, of course. :) Papercrafting does come in handy that way!

sarah boden

I love to make treats in my kitchen!


Such great ideas! I don't make the same gifts every year, but this year I'm making a little abc book for my niece that has photos of family members and other things that she likes. Thanks for the chance to win!

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