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December 06, 2011



oh wow, i'm the first to respond! :) my chances of winning are slim to none! :) that's ok. my best friend and i get together every year and make chocolate covered pretzels for our employees... we make a cute little topper. they're usually quite the hit. :)

Megan B

I love your photo box. Will definitely be making some of those for gifts this year. My absolute favorite gift I do for our extended family each Christmas is to create a DVD of all our year's photos set to music. I make DVD envelopes for them too and embellish those a little bit.


I like to get cupcakes for fellow employees right before Christmas and make the liners- they love them so much~

Karen W

Love all the boxes, but I especially love the photo box.

Thanks for the inspirations



my favorite gift to give is homemade candy... either crockpot candy or peppermint bark....thanks for the chance to win.

Lauralee Lien

I just have to say I love what you made! I am so inspired for my giftie packaging!!

I love to make cookies and cards for Christmas gifts!


I make a layout of my kids for my mom and dad. They display them in a hallway in their home, so it's fun to add to their collection. Love how you used those boxes for photos, and the box for the golf balls-genius!


love your ideas! I make candied nuts to give out to teachers, bus drivers, and anyone else. I need to cute them up this year with these great ideas!


Love the golf ball holder!! Great idea!
Me? I like coooookies! LOL :D

Christine Newman

I love to make a batch of my homemade hot cocoa mix and put them into mason jars for gift giving!

laura stewart

making cards or photo gifts


Love the photo box! I like making ornaments and cards.

Diana Waite

I LOVE these Laura! My favorite thing to make and give--gift tags! :)

Ruth G

Laura, I blanked about the fact that your blog would have a chance to comment, so I made lots of comments about your fun projects on Kerri's blog, duh!
I usually end up dressing up Girl Scout fall products (nuts and candies) with tags and patterned paper, but we didn't sell them this year so I was planning on making a mocha cocoa mix and making a paper mug to put it in (the cocoa in a cello bag or something like that.) Of course, I really should get started on that...speaking of last minute! rgauss at sbcglobal dot net so there's no confusion about which Ruth this is. I've learned my lesson;-)

Vera W. Yates

Laura, these are fabulous! I love using Silhouette. Thanks for the awesome inspirations. :)

Heather Crawford

Goodness, these are all awesome..you are so talented!

Yarnovah on Ravelry

We like to give homemade cranberry or banana bread. I also like to knit gifts, but sometimes I have to wrap up a UFO (Unfinishes Object) with a promise to get it done ASAP!


Oh gosh, these are all awesome!!! I especially love the treat bag and photo box.


This year I've made homemade marmalade as a gift but had to sample some (really good!!). Love these gift bags and the photo boxes :)

lois paulo

i so love making my grandkids advent calendars each year. thanks for the chance to win


Oh, my goodness! I think that you must have peeked on my Christmas giving list! I can use every single idea that you posted! Wow!!

I will often decorate a wooden frame for a last minute gift.


we always make handprint calendars and ornaments for the grandparents. they love them!

ona ginger

I love giving out home-made hot chocolate mixes with home-made marshmellows. My friends have come to expect it yearly..!!


I <3 Mason Jars and finding different mixes and treats and goodies to stuff in there and then decorate. So fun and each year I'm challenged to find something new!

Lori Whitlock

Laura, your projects are absolutely FABULOUS! Seriously, I love what you did with all of them. Feel free to play with my shapes any 'ol time you'd like. Have a super day!

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