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January 06, 2012



I was wishing you'd do a post like this soon, just the other day thought about it. Thanks for making my wish come true, I love these little posts, so glad you have some downtime with the girls. Mine just went back this week and the house is soooo quiet now, kinda spooky!!

Love love the flowers and would love to see how you did them. The colors are pretty!!

Have a great weekend, my kids also had homework over the break, crazy isn't it!


The flowers are adorable!! My kids went back to school this week and the early mornings are brutal (I think I'm the worst! lol) Know what you mean about the AP homework, those classes kill their summers and breaks every year.

Banu H

The flowers are just adorable. Would love to learn how you did them.

Kim M

Those are gorgeous! Definitely share your secret for making those!


You girls are so beautiful. Enjoy each day as i believe each day is truly a gift from God to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest (not that i always do that but am trying). The flowers are awesome. You are so creative.

laurie lariviere

flowers are cute, they'd look good on a layout... :) you're girls are adorable, Alyssa looks just like her mom :)

Sara Rossi

Cute pics of you all! It's fun to capture the "everyday"--especially with YOU in them! LOVE those flowers--can't wait to see the "how-to"..hint hint hint! ;)

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