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January 13, 2012


Diana Waite

this is FABULOUS! thanks for the tip, your way is MUCH easier than my way! :)

April W

Awesome tips Laura...thanks!
- April

Nirupama Kumar

yay! I love saving extra paper scraps like that. I always thought I was a little crazy for doing that, good to know I'm not the only one!


congrats to the winner, and thank you for sharing your tips with us.

Kathy Martin

I need to adopt these tricks...I use the whole sheet unless it's a pattern I love and don't have much of. Thanks Laura!

Eileen Van Dyke

Wow, thanks for showing how you do this! You just saved me a ton of paper!!! I always hate using a paper sheet as the big background because I feel like I'm wasting so much of the pricey paper. Now I can use it!!!


Congrats, Brenda! I hope you get lots of great ideas from your new book!
Laura, thanks for posting these pics! The e-mail of your blog posting is going into my "papercrafting" folder so I can easily pull it up whenever I want to use your awesome idea!

Sara Rossi

Yes I so NEEDED to see this in action. I tried this but I angled the edges of all my papers. Your way is SO much easier! Love the LO's!

Donna C

This is sooooo brilliant! Janet over at 2peas linked up your post to the mb and i'm so happy she did!

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