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February 13, 2012


Shir Benovich

Such a cool {double} layout!!
Love it!
Looks like a lot of work = but worth it, it's gorgeous!


Laura, what a great layout and FABULOUS post! I love the story behind how you created it, your honesty with the difficulties you encountered, and your thought processes. I'm not a huge board game person but you have totally inspired me to explore this as another way to design a layout... Thank you!


oh my goodness, look at all those pictures!! this is great, I would have been stumped too,but you nailed it!

Diana Waite

THAT is a PIECE OF WORK! it's is absolutely AMAZING Laura!

Catherine Pooler

I'm exhausted reading about all the work this page took!
Beautiful and fun, Laura!


Wow, that is really creative and looks like it took FOREVER!!! very cute!! Sorry I'm so behind on commenting. I always see my fav blogs in google reader but I have to remember to go back later and comment on my fav ones ;)

Sara Rossi

I bow to your ability to handle these assignments SO WONDERFULLY! I think you managed it perfectly! Totally laughed at the end!


You are so awesome and so is this layout. I can't believe all the time it must have taken you to glue all those down, such patience you have laura! laughing at the story in the end, you poor thing having to look all those up again. VERY COOL !!!

We have never played those games but I bet the kids would love one, thanks for the idea.

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