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March 08, 2012



Love when you give us upadates like this. I am still amazed at your doing daycare and your scrapbooking jobs at the same time. You are WONDER WOMAN!! My little cousin I watch just turned one last month, it's amazing how fast the time goes.

We are skipping soccer this spring and trying something new...TENNIS. Sam really wanted to do this and it's at the same time as soccer so he had a tough choice to make. I will miss the soccer fields so much this season but excited about tennis.

Have a good day!!
p.s. I just read thru your last 3 posts and LOVE all your layouts. They are always full of fun and COLOR!!

Laurie LaRiviere

wow, your soccer routine sounds like our dance class and baseball routine...a lot going on every day!! I know what you mean about trying to find stuff to blog about, I have a ton of layouts done and in the computer, but can't share because they are all for design team assignments and I have to wait...hate that...lol...have a good day :)


Laura you always amaze me with what you can accomplish on any given day!

Diana Waite

chin up--and breathe! you are AMAZING, can't believe you posted at all... :)

Kathy Martin

I think it's so awesome that your hubs spends so much time with your girls coaching their teams! Good for the girls in more ways than you can imagine!


Laura played rec soccer for a few years back when she was in elem school. It was fun her last year, trying to keep my middle (at the age of 1) off the field. Brit, I keep trying to tell her she needs to play tennis. She won't do it. I think Ben will be my sports kid. Waiting for the community ed thing to come around so I can get him signed up for t-ball this summer. I procrastinate too. :) I have a bunch of stuff due this weekend. But with cooking for the tax office and tearing up our laundry room to paint and put up cabinets, tile the floor... then hurricane Ben.. he leaves quite a wake of toys in his path! I hope you have a great weekend! Tell Alyssa to have fun!! Hubby has gone to DisneyLand for Band back many years ago when he was in high school. :)

Sandra A

Your routine makes me tired, amd makes me appreciate your creative talents all the more.


girl, I don't know how you do it...I know that I couldn't. lol!!

Sara Rossi

That made me tired just reading about it! You are amazing!

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